Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Popping in to say hi.............

I am still here - and autumn is in the air for sure. The season is changing. So much has been going on around my world - good and bad and indifferent, and I have also met another blogging friend, which was definitely part of the good stuff. You will hear all. I have photos to download. Of course I have.

If any of you ever hesitate to meet a blogging friend in real life, let me just say that in MY experience, it has been a delight each time. 5 times so far? I think. Maybe 6. In a sense, it is just like it would be catching up with a friend from years ago, because you meet, and you KNOW stuff. You have a shared history. You can immediately be chatting about things without going through the "meet a new person " thing.

It is so easy. And to be frank, even though it happened to be a beautiful day and we met in a beautiful place, we scarcely had time to take notice, because we were chatting all the time. Turning the words written into reality. delighting in shared interests. We wandered around a little to stretch our legs and to try to find a wool shop (we failed) and then headed to another restaurant, and there we stayed till we went our separate ways.

Sigh. It was great. Better than great. Yes, I will tell you more. Who. And show you photos. But not today. And don't forget that giveaway................. not long now!

I have also discovered why I keep getting pebbles in my shoes. They have holes in them. I know. It is humiliating. Also ridiculous. I have plenty of shoes. Why didn't I notice? I have no idea how many members of the general public have caught sight of the holes, but I am sure they have been visible. Oh well. At least I wear things till they fall apart! I go through phases, you see - wearing the same shoes and same colours, mixing and matching them for a few weeks and then it is all change. What a pity my BROWN shoes have expired just as Autumn begins! Hah. It could be a sign. Maybe I will have to go and get some brown boots. I really think brown boots are essential.

See? I am beginning to think about colder weather. That could be because it has been COLD today. And everyone around me has colds of the nasty variety. But I have knitting and quilting to do, and that will keep me warm, and the coffee is right here next to me. So I will stop babbling for today and put the feet up instead.


Isabelle said...

Yes, it's chillyish here too. Just in time for Daughter 2's wedding a week on Saturday.

Vee said...

Hi right back...

Will be having my third blog buddy meet in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, brown boots...just the thing! And brown shoes and perhaps even brown clogs.

Anne said...

I love brown boots! I've got a pair that I've had for years (come to think of it, my black ones are years old too!)

And with the way our weather's going, it won't be long before they come out of the wardrobe again!

Oh, and I love my green wellies too, especially with my fleecy welly socks inside, lovely and warm!

Needled Mom said...

I have definitely had positive experiences meeting blogging friends too.

Pebbles in your shoes? That cannot be comfortable. Brown boots sound like a great idea.

Our heat has finally hit after a very cool summer. It was upper 90s today - typical fall weather for us.

Midlife Mom said...

I know what you mean about the give aways. I think oh that sounds like fun and then see all the hoops I have to jump through and get discouraged and don't enter. That will be nice to have an easy one!! :o)

I wear shoes until they fall off practically if they are comfortable. I hate buying new shoes as I hate breaking them in or I get them and they hurt my little toe. The ones I have on right now I have had for ages but they are just soooooooooo comfy that I can't give them up......yet!

Dawn said...

So I haven't been over for a long time - I am so glad you got to meet another blog friend. It is such a treat! I hope to make it to England again someday and then we'll definitely meet!! I miss so many of the friends who have dropped out of blogging.

I'll be looking forward to the pictures of your latest meeting! I finally posted the family reunion pictures and stories - 6 weeks later!

Olson Family said...

Meeting Blog friends has for me - been absolutely enjoyable. And since we "met" in die Schweiz, I feel as though you are one of the friends I'm missing - even though I'm reading the blogs. Ah, transition.
Autumn has not hit yet here unless we count yesterday in which the air conditioner did not need to be turned on. Am I allowed to say that CA weather can be dull? :)