Thursday, September 22, 2011

The perils of a lost core.....

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I am so over the whole Facebook debacle from yesterday. They finally fixed my page so maybe someone was actually listening after all. And didn't Google+ time things perfectly?? I suspect most of you woke up to big blue arrows on your Google pages telling you that Google+ is now open to everyone. This is also the day the big Facebook conference/announcements are happening, so Google got it right.

Anyway. That is all TOTALLY boring so we will move right on.

Pilates, Aqua x 2 and I am half dead.

My core, it seems does not exist. I went to what I thought was a beginner's Pilates class, and these athletes were whizzing into all sorts of complicated positions and my head did not want to leave the floor. Neither for that matter, did my rear end, when the suggestion was made to roll into that back thing - you know, where you pop your feet over the top of your head to touch the floor so you are rolled up like a pretzel.


My scientific discovery for the day is that there is too much of ME to do that. "It" gets in the way and will not allow the knees to touch the nose. Not to mention that I do believe that breathing is required to sustain life.

That was just after I also discovered that wearing a loose huge Tshirt instead of a clingy number was an error. When it fell over my head. Clingy numbers have their uses. One does not end up exposing one's flesh to the class. See above. And also, the teacher can see that YES I AM ACTUALLY OFF THE GROUND when doing a bridge because the voluminous Tshirt hides the fact that I am actually in the air, and not grovelling on the mat. Trying to breathe.

It is not pretty. But I am trying. I just wish all beginners looked like me, instead of dressing in lycra and being 40 years younger , skinny and very agile. Oh well. Moregranny in the back row is plodding on. My core and I will rediscover each other if it is the last thing I do. And it very  possibly could be.

I crawled onto the couch last night and was asleep within seconds. I am showing every sign of being old. Too tired to even knit. Or watch TV.

Changing the subject completely - how do you all store apples? Do I wrap them in newspaper and put them somewhere dark? Any ideas would be great, because I don't know what to do with them, and we cannot possibly eat fast enough (see excess flesh above) to make space in the freezer. And my second last tomato mountain is glaring at me as I speak. I need to cook them now. Thank you. You are all so sweet.


Vee said...

Thank you for the explanation concerning the annoying big blue arrow that goes sailing up and over to the You+. Personally, I hate it and am beginning to think Mozilla, though I don't like them too much either. And why does it do it over and over. I checked out the You+ and if I wanted to do such a thing, I would. I don't; now leave me alone. Ahhh, a vent in your comments. Well, Dear One, you started it!

I should now go back and reread your adventures in Pilates because that had me in giggles. How you carry on doing these things is remarkable to me. My philosophy of life is this: IF IT HURTS, STOP!
As you can tell, I'm not so good at pressing through.

Becky said...

You had me in giggles, as well. I'd love to be in that pilates class with you. I could use it to find my core, too.

Facebook? I just don't know. I stay on it now because it connects me to people, which is the purpose in the first place. But it's so hideous to always have it be changing.

Linds said...

Hahahaha. I wonder why too most days, Vee. But I cannot sit on a couch all day. I HAVE to feel as fit as I can be, and if it hurts to do nothing, well, doing something can't be much worse. Sort of.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Hello Linds,
do keep at the pilates - it does get better! I was hopeless at the start, but can do most things now - and it has cured me of 20 years of chronic back problems!!
I hope you find an apple solution - and that you will share it with us all! I have a huge glut of apples this year and I'm peeling and stewing like mad and have almost run out of freezer space - so a way of keeping them where they don't all just rot and which requires no work whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!

Crystal said...

Hey, LInds - good on you for tackling PIlates and sticking with it. My core too has disappeared.

Apples - do you have a cool place (the garden shed maybe) where it won't freeze for awhile yet? They keep a long time in the fridge or cooler or shed for me. Once it freezes I move the box to the basement floor and just keep using the fresh ones first. The ones in the fridge crisper are used last, often 3+ months later. Hope that helps. It's such a shame to have so many now and then have to go buy in a few months, isn't it?

Isabelle said...

My Grandpa, who knew everything, used to smear his apples in Vaseline, wrap them individually in newspaper and store them in boxes in the attic. I've no idea if the Vaseline really did anything but on the whole, the apples lasted till spring ... well, apart from the ones we ate... and the few that didn't, didn't infect the others because of the paper.

Barbara said...

Wrap each apple separately in newspaper and put in a box somewhere cool. Dark does not matter. If you are keeping them a very long time it is worth checking them occasionally.

Very impressed with you doing Pilates but what's all this about 'old'. You are a youngster still Linds!

Funny to read anyhow.

Dawn said...

The pilates description was a hoot - especially the part about the t-shirt! I wear a big t-shirt, too, but don't attempt Pilates. Maybe I should. Except my gym doesn't have classes.

Kathleen said...

Well, that "picture" of you pilates class scared me shitless --

On to apples, wrap in newspaper and place in a COOL dark place.

Linda said...

Oh Linds, my head aches whenever I see something new and improved on the internet. I always feel somehow obligated to join in and end up thoroughly confused and running back to the old stuff!
I'm with you on the exercise thing. I'm sticking to walking :-)