Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook, this is for you......

Change is never simple. Take Facebook for instance. The layout and news feed and everything under the sun has changed in recent weeks, and as I have waded my way through things, I have laboriously sat and edited every single friend and what I want to read from them and sorted lists and heaven knows what else. There has been much frustration, sighing and wailing along the way and it eventually got done. Weeks, I tell you. I finally knew what I was doing.

Then today, helpfully, they had a little box at the top of the home page telling me about the changes, and there was a box saying learn more. So I did. Each section says was this helpful? Did it answer the question? So I clicked "no" once or twice, and when ANOTHER box popped up, I selected, "I don't like it".


Facebook has one lone helpful person sitting in California twiddling his or her thumbs, it seems. because in an INSTANT, I tell you, my whole page reverted to the old one. And now I am sitting here thinking, (in caps) WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON and am I going to have to put all the subscription details back in again when it goes back to the new one and SCREECH.

Just leave it alone. You hear, Facebook???? Leave it alone. I am quite willing to supply an opinion. I do NOT expect unilateral action to be taken on the basis of an opinion, which, since the start of Facebook has never made one scrap of difference. So why now?????? I already have a Google+ account, and will be heading in that direction at speed. I have 150 invitations to distribute to friends who want to join too, so I can take my friends with me.

So I sincerely hope you have saved all my edits, Facebook, because there is one very angry woman sitting in the middle of England, with steam pouring from her ears right now. ASK ME FIRST when you change my page. I require notice. There was NOTHING I clicked which said take me back to the old ways. Blogger at least has the courtesy to have a "revert" button, as Twitter did when they changed things, and made it clear it was just for a while. I suspect Facebook will suddenly pop my page back in the new format within days and I will be perfecting my imitation of Vesuvius once again.

Oh, and another thing????? Just do something ever so simple, Facebook people - have a means for us to contact you in an accessible place. Easy to find. Shyam? Do something, please. I want it fixed. Now would be good.

That is all. I am off to sit in a cupboard and suck my thumb as I rock back and forth.


Debbie said...

Totally agree with you, Linds! Leave well enough alone, for goodness sake!!

Vee said...

See. I can only take a certain level of frustration and Blogger is all that I can tolerate for frustration and I am plenty frustrated with it, believe me. If I added Pinerest and Facebook, I'd be in the loony bin. Here, Linds, have a binky.

Linds said...

Whimper. Wail.

Dawn said...

You are a hoot, Linds!! I was just saying the same thing to myself - we need a FACE for FACEBOOK - someone who is real, someone who will read what we say. Not a chance.

I've decided it's a plot to divert our attention from what the government is doing! Or maybe it is the government doing it!!

Anonymous said...

When I logged on to Facebook earlier today, I found that they'd changed all mine round too!

To be honest, I think I might just not bother with it any more. I don't use it that much.

The Bookworm said...

Annoyed by Facebook here too. I have Google+ and like it better, but hardly any of my UK friends are there so I have mostly stuck with FB since I ran out of time to play with G+. time to head back there for a more determined effort, I think.

MotherT said...

AND thus the reason I don't do Facebook! I have enough drama in my life without stuff like that happening!

Do you need a cozy blanket to go with that thumb?

Kelli @living in grace said...

Would you mind sending me one of those 150 invites?

Thank you more than I can say ;)


Janine said...

I am not enjoying the new look at all! Do rather like the quilt though.