Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...........

I remember.

I remember the call from my sister who had seen the first plane hit on TV at work.

I remember calling the people closest to me to tell them to turn on the TV sets.

I remember the disbelief. The horror.

My aunt and uncle were visiting from SA and my Mum and I sat there with them, watching. Watching. Watching. No-one talked much. Maybe we asked is this really happening? Is it real? We never moved.

How can it be 10 years ago already? And did you hear that young boy, reading out names today, who read his father's name, and then added, "I never knew you. I was in my mother's belly when you died, but thank you for giving me life"?????????

The world changed that day 10 years ago. For everyone.

My prayer today is for peace. For an end to hatred and bigotry.


Helen in Switzerland said...

Well said Linds. Couldn't agree more.

Dawn said...

Beautiful, my friend. So true! I didn't get to see any of the tv coverage today - how sweet and sad that must have been to see that little boy's tribute to his unknown daddy. You could have heard a pin drop this morning as we viewed a beautiful tribute in church.

The ten years have flown - I wish the patriotism of that first year would have stayed as strong as it was.

Dawn said...

PS - thanks for coming over for a visit to my family reunion post!
It was indeed special for my folks -

Isabelle said...


Edith said...

On the one seems like just yesterday and on the other forever. I have a hard time with that husband was in the hospital in rehab for a series of devastating seizures. He took those attacks very personally as they used "his" airplanes - he worked for American Airlines at the time. He did no rehab that day

Becky said...

I think that's a day none of us will ever forget. I sat there horrified at what I saw.

Edith said...

Missing you...hope everything is ok.