Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer has arrived......

The UK, you will be thrilled to hear, is having a mini heat-wave right now. I tell you, it is positively tropical around here. 24C!!! The sun is back up in the sky, doors are open and the washing is drying outside. I do believe my garden is about to go into shock at the warmth. Unaccustomed as it is to warmth of any sort. AND it is set to continue for a while. Oh the possibilities.....I may even have to fire up the BBQ one evening! I just checked - 26C for the next FIVE WHOLE DAYS! This is a post worthy of many exclamation marks! Sun! Heat! Blue skies!

Hello. I have been to both Pilates and Aquarobics today. I am also half dead. And I ache all over. Even my toes ache. This has to be doing some good. I have downed litres of water, and am about to go and expire quietly on the couch, but I thought I would say hi on the way. I also needed to sit down. The path from the kitchen to the couch is long. Well, about 30 paces, but still................ I creak.

My dahlia plant (singular), is beautiful. I seem to remember that this time last year I made a note to myself to remember to plant more dahlias, because they look wonderful in the autumn when the rest of the garden is following the Head Gardener's example and expiring.  I forgot. Marge has many dahlias in many colours in her garden and they look amazing. Our uncle loved dahlias. He only had roses and dahlias, I think. But a multitude of them. It must be in the genes. I will be writing a LARGE note to myself for next spring. I will plant more.

And now, I am going to move on towards the couch, and, providing I stay awake, I will carry on doing this. Before it gets even warmer!

For all my Jewish friends - Happy New Year to you and your families! May the new year bring an abundance of joy and laughter into your lives.


Anne said...

And you should plant many more Dahlias, especially if they are as lovely as that one!

Dawn said...

I forgot about my beautiful dahlia last year - I should have planted more this past spring as well - next year!

We're also having a very warm early fall - upper 80s for several days now. I prefer lower 80s myself!

Enjoy it while it lasts - have that BBQ!

Vee said...

That dahlia truly is a beauty. Glad that your garden is going to have another little spurt here and that you'll be out and about to enjoy it. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could bottle this sort of weather? What do you call such events? We call them Indian summer and we've already enjoyed ours last week. (Except for the muggy uggies.)

What a darling quilt you are hand quilting. Nice for quiet evenings of relaxation.

Edith said...

I never knew what a dahlia looked like before I saw your pictures. My only fear on planting them is having to dig them up in the fall...I'm not good at that at all. Enjoy the sunshine!