Friday, September 02, 2011


I am covered in little spots of brown varnish. Dark brown. I cannot begin to tell you what a stunning look it is. David and I have been varnishing a little garden seat with trellis sides and a roof. I always start these things so carefully and neatly, and by the time I am ready to down tools for the day, the hair is standing on end, the varnish is being slapped on at speed, and neatness is out the window.

The first coat is 70% done. That is the good news. The bad news is that it needs 3-5 (FIVE!!!!!) coats. And David has announced that he is not feeling great. Hahaha,,,,,,,,,,, whimper....... I must remember to post before and after photos of my artistic endeavours.          

Apparently this summer has been the coldest in the UK in 18 years. I was not imagining it. It just feels as if it has  never happened. Oh well - maybe next year will be warmer. If we have another heatwave in April, I will be declaring summer instead of thinking it is on its way later in the year.

Ah - I just remembered that it will be the Olympics in the UK next year. If you are coming, I suggest you bring rain gear and winter garb, just in case. My attempt to get a ticket for anything failed, so I will be watching it all at home instead. This may be a stroke of good luck if I stop to consider the weather!

Has anyone noticed how complicated giveaways have become on many blogs now? I read them, you see, and then I think (if people outside the States can actually enter them) oooh - I will enter this time. That is, until I read the conditions. Subscribe. Post on Facebook. Follow. Link. Post on blog. Go here, go there. Ummm. No. Maybe not.

I have been around a lot longer than most of these bloggers, and I am very happy to welcome anyone here who happens to visit. This is my place, and I just enjoy chatting. I am vaguely amused by the mad scramble for followers, but it is not for me.

So, watch this space. I am having an uncomplicated giveaway, open to everyone in the entire world. The rules will be simple. Just enter once and that is it. Not long now.....................!

Now off you go - and have a wonderful weekend. Me? I will be varnishing.


Needled Mom said...

I know what cold summers in Britain are like. When we lived there it was the coldest on record for summers and we had just moved there from living in Hawaii. Talk about thin blood!!!! I think I wore my down gloves all summer. ;) I really feel for you folks as it is so lovely to get just a smidge of summer. It's a long wait until next year.

Ours has been on the cooler side as well, but not as bad as last summer's record cold.

I can't wait to see the before and after photos of your task. Five coats???? Do you want to come do my bench when you are finished with yours?

Anonymous said...

It's positively Autumnal up here, its colours are already showing!

But, I like the darker nights, I can put all my candles and tea lights on and feel cosy and warm.

I'm the same with paint as you are with varnish but I belong to the school of "why do three coats when one MEGA coat will do!" And I end up covered in it!

Dawn said...

Looking forward to the before and after pictures of the job - also would love an "after" picture of you!!

I'm with you on the giveaways - too much work! I am always amazed at what some people win, but I guess I'm just too lazy. I remember when we first started blogging how many things we did to visit around and get new friends. I have lost so many of those, or at least commenters if not readers, and it's sad. But I just can't make myself quit! I need to cultivate some new friends, but don't seem to have time to read the ones I have until days have passed and I'm playing catch-up.

I hope your winter isn't as cold, comparatively, as your summer has been! It's cooled off here overnight, dramatically, with a wake-up wind in the middle of the night! It's sunny and breezy this morning.

MotherT said...

I would be so very happy to send you some of the heat we have been having! Today it was 96 degrees F! So, very glad I have central air conditioning.

I'm like Dawn, as interested as I am in the finished project, I'm much more interested in seeing what you will look like at the end! **smile**

Linda said...

I work in exactly the same way Linds, but I've never been able to describe it nearly as well! Great starter; really poor finisher.
I know where all your summer heat went, and I would gladly send it to you if I could. We have more than enough to spare.
I am trying very hard not to worry about followers and all that sort of thing. It runs at cross-purposes with my whole purpose in beginning my blog. You have exactly the right idea.
Have a restful Sunday Linds - take a break from the varnishing :-)

Meggie said...

Varnishing sounds like something of note to accomplish! I have rediscovered jigsaws. Mindless and nicely numbing.
Think of you often and appreciate your kind words of wisdom and condolence.