Monday, September 26, 2011

Pottering and potting......

There is not a great deal of excitement happening round here at the moment. 
 David took these photos last night, just before I nodded off yet again. See, that couch and footstool are my un-doing. We were watching Downton Abbey while crocheting. This photo is a little blurry, but I love the light and the calmness - even serenity - it shows. All those cushions on the couch? I make a nest, and that is me for the night. Mum gets quite worried about me sleeping there every evening, but David pointed out that I probably sleep better there than in bed, so just to leave me. I wake up. Of course I do. Around 1, 2, 3am sometimes!
I wonder if the blurriness is something wrong with the I come to think of it, there has been a problem for a while and I did clean it. Tomorrow. I will test it tomorrow.

Today has been one of those days when I start one thing, and then forget and start another. Not hurried or crazy, but I have just been potting the bulbs for spring, and I came in to get the trowel, and the little coffee table from outside (which I move in for winter) was in the way, so I moved it. That meant taking the little steps to another place. Then I remembered I was meant to paint the back door, so got out the paint and brush to remind me. Then I saw the washing piled next to the drier, so I moved it to the steps, noticed a leaflet through the letterbox, so took that to throw away, and saw a dish in the sewing room. See????? Ridiculous. And so it goes. 2 hours later the bulbs are finally all in the pots.

One good thing has been accomplished today. Well, apart from dentists and flu jabs of course. David emptied my store cupboards in the kitchen and we sorted them out, and tossed away a few things. 2005 best by dates. Maybe not. And we also discovered that I do not need either flour or pasta for the foreseeable future. Or decade. Maybe 2. The baking stuff is all in one place and the tins and the coffee and all the rest. 2 cupboards done and 16 to go. I am absolutely determined to design any new kitchen I may ever have myself - I want those pull-out cupboards with rows of shelves for tins or bottles, so I do not have to delve through deep shelves again. A major design flaw. I would also have flour drawers as well. And DRAWERS - not cupboards. Why it has taken me so long to work this out, I have no idea. but then, I have seen all these great ideas on the internet, so I suppose I would never have known they were possible before. Have you seen the kick drawers under cupboards? Why aren't they standard? What a waste of space!I gather they are really difficult to install in an existing kitchen, but simple when it is being constructed. is all about dream time. But fun to think about these things.

Then I started thinking that what I REALLY need is that store room. Oh, about the size of a double garage, with cupboards and shelves and uniform boxes, and place to store tins of food, tools, woodwork stuff, toys for Missy, and all the seasonal things, and sports equipment. Forget the dream house, people, it is the dream store-room which rules round here!

So that is how I have spent Monday 26 September. An ordinary day. Not long now before I will be back on that couch finishing the quilt I am making. Then I have 2 to fix - ones I made over a decade ago, which need a little loving attention. A little applique to cover bits, new binding, some new stitching and they will be good to go. I can do that. If I stay awake!


Helen in Switzerland said...

I had to smile LInds - I had the very same sort of morning - started one thing, sidetracked, sidetracked again and so it went on pottering - but at the end I think some things that needed doing had been done, and I do enjoy a good potter!

Dawn said...

You look so comfy and cozy. Right now it's too hot for that much coziness around here again.

I did that kind of kitchen cleaning last spring and found some interesting things as well. We did try to get our kitchen re-done with those wonderful pull out shelves a couple of years ago and soon realized we didn't have the $7000 they asked - and I'm sure it'd be 10 by now!

I get distracted like that as well - so annoying, but normal, I think.

Come on over for my "50s" post!

Vee said...

My best sleeps are always those where I nod off somewhere and am left undisturbed. There's that Brit lady (not you) who has a video of all the things you described. She explains it all so calmly that it always makes me wonder why I am howling with laughter a minute in. Humor helps with this old-age attention deficit thing.

Yes, a lovely picture of you and your mum and both busy at your needlework and looking oh so cozy. I love it!

As for kitchen design, I'm trying to avoid looking because I don't want to know how woefully inadequate my kitchen is.

MotherT said...

I have weeks that go like this! There are times that I would almost swear that I had a concussion instead of a knee/ankle injury because I get so rattle-brained.

I've been crocheting and mending quilts, too. It's definitely the time of year when it feels good to have the extra layer across my lap as I work.

Olson Family said...

Blogger may or may not let me leave this - 2nd try.
Love the cozy picture of you & your Mum and how put together it all is. Hopefully I can achieve that within the year - the put together part! I completely agree re: the kitchen and the usefulness of drawers vs cavernous cupboards. It seems one only gets that choice when custom designing as they never put them in standard. Enjoyed your Swiss pics - I haven't looked at ours since moving (a bit in mourning still) but it was good to see yours. God bless you this evening!