Monday, September 19, 2011

Four seasons, four looks.....

I found 4 photos of the living room in the different seasons. It is never quite the same each year, because I just do what I feel looks right at the time. As the mood strikes.
 And then, of course I change things a bit for Easter and Christmas. Trees and rabbits and stuff, you know - they need places too! I quite like looking at the 4 photos together, I have to admit.

In recent days, Jean, my friend, has had a birthday, so this morning, we took her out to tea at the local garden centre, and had a lovely time eating scrumptious cake, drinking coffee, chatting and looking at all their goodies. Birthdays are wonderful excuses for indulgence, aren't they. (Becky, yes, it is the same place!) More and more retailers are starting to have seasonal things, you know. The owner of this garden centre is German, so she will be used to seasonal changes in decor - it is a very strong European tradition, I gather. I LOVE it, but I have said so repeatedly, haven't I......


Vee said...

I'm intrigued by the light and wondering if the photos were all taken about the same time of day. I see your mom in that winter one. She looks chilly.

Off point, but do you have a propane stove? I'm pondering the wisdom of putting one in to help ward off the chill without always depending on the furnace.

MelD said...

What a good idea - I'll have to look out some of my seasonal pics, as I'm always changing things round to suit the atmosphere outside... ;)
Beautiful room, too!

Dawn said...

Wonderful pictures - such fun to see. That's a lot of lovely pillows! Must take quite a bit of storage space. I think I want to visit in autumn.

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and they have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas things all in a row.