Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And we are about to change the colours yet again.....


My house looks like a consignment shop. In a fit of totally unreasonable enthusiasm, I decided that, as Advent starts on Sunday, it would be a good time to amass the Christmas and winter boxes. And blanket and cushions and gifts and candles and EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

One does need to find the Advent wreath.

Why today?

I have no idea. Well, my sister started doing her house yesterday but she has an excuse in that she goes back to work after the annual "Let's check the state of the cables for the cableways on  the mountain" month so that made sense for her. For me, it makes no sense. I just like to keep up with the sister.

So my house looks too dreadful for words, because I have now run out of energy. There was aquazumba today, remember, and that always knocks me for six. Let me just say that the son in residence did the amassing of boxes and I simply provided the meltdown when I saw the chaos in the lounge.

I do not do well when I have a lounge in chaos. If there is one room in the house which I really really need to have some order in, it is the living room. The place people see when they happen to walk in the door.

Right now, I will be attaching all available arms and legs to said door if the bell rings, and barring entry. I do like to be welcoming.

So then I thought.....well, tomorrow is more aquazumba and pilates followed by more aquarobics on Thursday and my house may have to stay in chaos for the rest of the week. It does not bear thinking about. I don't even think I can get to the curtains to close them as night is falling. That would be around now, because it is dark already and just 4pm.

And I don't know where all the brown cushion covers are. I hope they are somewhere. I need the brown cushion covers. Hmmm.

Right. I need coffee. I also need to conjure up something for supper soon as I forgot to defrost anything this morning. Baked potatoes, I think..... they will take an hour or so to cook. Yep. That will have to do.

Day 22: Today, I am thankful for a strong son who carries and climbs and stacks heavy things with ease when his mother decides to re-arrange the planet. Long-suffering are words which spring to mind. He is also a star.


Crystal said...

I always create chaos along the way too. It will all work out, perhaps taking longer than you first planned. I often delay starting because I don't want to have a mess along the way. And yeah for sons who help out!!

Anonymous said...

It will no doubt look lovely when it's done, so just take your time and don't forget to show us the end result!

Needled Mom said...

Why is it we always need to make a mess when we do something so creative???

Midlife Mom said...

I always seem to create chaos when I change a room around, get out my decorations, wrap gifts, clean out my closet etc etc...Chaos makes me weary but from now till Christmas I guess I will just have to be weary! ha!

Vee said...

Nobody can begin Christmas decorating without a fair amount of chaos. I've never yet seen anyone do it in an orderly fashion. I think this may be a year when I don't decorate the tree with anything more than lights and icicles or lights and poinsettias. What a lovely stash of winter quilts you have there!