Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trying to restore some order....

I am slowly finding my way out from under the boxes, people. There is no shortage of Christmas stuff in this house, and I have yet to get the big tree decoration boxes out of the loft. Well, order son to mountaineer through the hatch, that is. I will have to start wrapping and listing things soon. Just to get them out of the way, but November is a little early, really. For me.

More aquazumba today and aching bones again, but otherwise, things have been quiet around here. I have made the decorations for the advent candles - I must take a photo. Unlike yesterday. Remember I said I would be barring the door? Well. Five minutes after hitting the publish button for the post, the doorbell rang and in walked  Peter - Glynis's husband for coffee and a chat, followed swiftly by another knock on the door, and a visit from Sue. And then, for good measure, one of my neighbours arrived this morning to ask for help emailing photos, and at that point, I gave up worrying about the chaos.

I know I have said in the past that I absolutely love people popping in and I really do. But yesterday was so out of control in terms of mess that it was a slight exception. Ah well, we can all have off days, can't we? I went to bed after 2am after a valiant attempt to Get Things Sorted.

America is preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so I would really like to say Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families. I hope your day is warm and filled with the joy of knowing how blessed we all are. So very much to be thankful for. Have fun! (I rather fancy some pumpkin pie!)

Day 23: I am thankful for the friends who pop in and who totally ignore the chaos here. For finding old ornaments which make me stop and remember so much. For not letting the fact that the white candle bridge thingy with red painting on is MISSING irritate me too much. It is here somewhere. I need it. Now. Maybe I need to go and finish that cowl instead. I am nearly there.......


Vee said...

Oh I was pretty sure that that would happen...the drop-in guests. I always admire the welcomers such as yourself who love people and can be gracious no matter what. I am not that person without great effort.

I have an apple pie, a pecan pie, and a pumpkin pie and that's all the pie that I'm baking. I also will bake some moist pumpin bread and I may have to taste test that tonight. You are welcome to drop by any time and have some with me.

Though the house smells lovely, it's hotter than a cannon and so I am nearly ready to dive into the ever growing snowpile.

Hope you find your missing decorations!

Needled Mom said...

I'd much rather have drop in friends. They all know that chaos is not a normal for you!!