Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Snippets from the Rocking Chair..................

Well, thank heavens the wind is blowing this morning, because my garden was saturated with toxic type fumes last night, and it was starting to seep into the house too. The fumes from the plastic kind of rubbish that they burnt were obviously heavier in the air and they stayed. By midnight it was totally impossible to breathe outside. I checked, and started coughing so retreated back indoors. I sincerely hope this does not kill off my plants. And yes, I did try calling the Environmental Health people but they apparently do not work over nights or weekends. Which makes you wonder if environmental hazards only appear between Mondays and Fridays, 9-5. Or 9-3.30pm on Fridays, it seems.

But hooray for the wind.

Can you believe that I have just chopped down the dahlias? It is almost December and there are still buds on the plant, but with the weather getting chillier, it was time to do something or risk losing it altogether. I still have African marigolds flowering merrily in the garden though, and gazinnias. Bizarre. I have saved enough of their seeds to let them go on doing their thing for now.

So today, the mission is to clear the table in the kitchen and remove the autumn cloth. The last of the autumn things left out, and then make the table winter. Well, I would like to actually see the advent wreath by tomorrow and not have it buried under paraphernalia relating to other Christmas ideas. The Dremel may be a marvellous invention but it does not enhance the decor!

Have you all got your trees up and decorated? Somehow, I cannot bring myself to do it before December. I need a little breather before I introduce more chaos to the house. I wonder if the lights will work this year. I check before I pop them on the tree, and then if they go out once it is decorated, I just toss another string over the top. There is NO way I would go bulb by bulb to see which one is broken. Now Geoff would have got out his test meter and done just that. He would NEVER let a bulb  get the better of him. I can just see him now. He had way more patience than I did. It is so long since I put up the tree here. Years. If I am not here for Christmas, there seems little point to it. And I never ever thought I would say that, you know. I do know that I just love sitting in the light of the tree. There is something so peaceful and magical about it, with the candles burning too and the peacefulness. I love it. So this year it is going up, no matter what.

I must also find some bears for a friend. There is a tree exhibition running at the village church in December. Local organisations all do individual trees, and the little tots at church are called the All Bears, so they need bears for their tree, and they can't find any. I am absolutely certain I have some at the very least, if not dozens. I just need to find them.


The cowl. It is warm. It works. The end.
Day 26: For the wind, which may be cold, but which has blown away the revolting stench of burning plastic from the garden. For the son unpacking the dishwasher as I speak, and the chicken waiting to be roasted for supper. The coffee in my mug next to me and the crochet hook and ball of wool next to my couch. The fact that my hair co-operated this morning and the warm jersey.... the list never ends, does it?


Kelli said...

So does this mean you will be biting the bullet and changing the blawg to a more winter theme? I am about to ... of course, I may blow up the dang thing, we will see.

The word of the day is now "deflump". It is the word below I must type in to leave this fascinating comment.

Now I must make uo a really good meaning, so I stand a chance at convincing at least one person in this house that it is a real word.


Can you tell I am an only child? Seems I can find entertainment no. matter. what.

Needled Mom said...

Our Thanksgiving tends to mark the end of autumn. Christmas starts right after that (it seems).

Our decorations will be much less this year with one arm. I, too, love the quiet light of the tree.

I vote that you add lights to the Dremel!!!

Linds said...

I forgot about the blawg!!!!!!! Right. I hope I don't blow it up.....

Becky said...

I can't put up Christmas stuff and the tree until December, either. It seems too weird to mix it in to Thanksgiving.

I like your cowl. It turned out really nice.

Crystal said...

You are right - the list of thanks never ends! Your blog is looking lovely - if you can work a Dremel, you can change the blog looks :) Good luck with the tree setup and the rest of the Christmas change - I'm going to bring up the Christmas dishes today and do one tub a day (there's not that much really but doing it in steps means I can savour it more).

Love the cowl - and (I have to say it - I cannot keep silent!) - you really must report the fire episode - it's just not right to contaminate like that. But I don't live on your street either and you must stay there. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness for the wind, the one time it's really needed!

I don't think aout putting up Christmas decorations until December, my living room is so small that I have to put one of my living room chairs in the greenhouse so I can get the tree in!!

Brenda said...

I'm glad the wind took care of it since Environmental folks weren't available.
My youngest daughter and I started decorating last night. We usually wait until Dec. but I was feeling the Christmas spirit so went ahead. No tree yet tho'. That'll have to come later since we don't have an artificial one.
So much to be thankful for!

Lindie said...

Linds, just wanted to say I love the new layout of your page,so clean and simple, easy to read, and attractive.