Saturday, November 19, 2011

A creative day................

Well, Saturdays are still my best day of the week, even when I don't get a great deal done. I had a lovely long chat to my sister on the phone this morning and we had to laugh about the fact that we both LOVE making things, and while we may need some creations for presents, we can't stop at one or two. No. We keep making things, and then sit and look at the pile and wonder what on earth we are going to do with it all.


We will have to have our own Christmas Market one day and sell the lot.

But then, you see, if you finally get something to work, you are on a roll and have to make a few more because you may forget. And seeing that most things are done via the "winging it" school of craftwork in this house, there is never a pattern and list of instructions to refer to later.

Of course, there is nowhere to store anything either. Not in this house. We passed the critical bursting point a long while back.

And after the chat, I headed back to the sewing room, and conquered the dilemma of how to make the hand warmers look respectable, and then it got dark and I cannot sew on black fleece when I cannot see what I am doing. SO I finished the runners - 3 more. Do I have recipients in mind? Um, no. Not at the moment. But I need to get out all the stuff and the list and sort and wrap and then I will know what I am doing. At least they are not UFOs any more. That has to count for something.

Things are a little disorganised here right now.

I am out at a birthday do this evening, so, while David was sorting the supper, I drilled holes in the wooden things I cut and sanded. Do I know what I am going to do with them? Hmmm. Not at the moment, but I am sure I will work that one out too. I have the paint and paper all lined up to try something with them. Maybe tomorrow. I must take some photos.

At midnight last night, I ripped out the crocheted cowl I was making because it was too big, too loose, too everything. And started again. I am SO excited that I get to use the little stitch markers I ordered. They are so cute! It is as if my crochet thing is wearing earrings. These things amuse me. I have no idea if this version will work, but I can always rip this one out too. I am winging it again. Once I had undone it all last night in the early hours of the morning, I started again, and got to row 5 before I gave up at 1.30am and headed for bed. It is navy and working with dark colours under false light is a disaster for the old eyes. I start seeing things in triplicate. Blurry triplicate.

Certifiable. That is what I am.

But the creative urge is fit and well and resident right now. I am making the most of it.

Day 19: I am thankful for the little things I need to be creative - for a working sewing machine. Paint. Drill. Computer. Needles. Thread. Fabric - the Good Lord knows I have been over-blessed with a fabric stash which is extensive, to say the least. Yarn. Paper. Ribbon...... Combine all of them in a multitude of ways and you have one very happy, thankful me.


Linda said...

I kept thinking, as I was reading through this, that it would be great for me if you could sort of organize a little creativity series as we approach the holidays. Essentially, I need a kick in the pants! I used to be so good about making things and getting all ready for Christmas. Lately I've just been a lump.
You definitely inspire!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like fun too!

Anonymous said...

I've been busy this week too, making a few things for Christmas. I wish I'd started earlier but never mind.

Vee said...

I need to get going, but I just cleaned my sewing room and it looks so tidy and makes me smile so much to see everything folded and it its place that I am reluctant to do anything with it. This all reminds me of that old quote "A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." Grace Hopper

What a great name "Hopper." It all fits somehow.

The hardest thing about all this Christmas activity is that we do not get to see any of what you're doing.

Linds said...

Tomorrow, Vee. I will take some photos. To heck with who sees what!

Diane said...

Hi - found our blog through Kelly's Korner and just reading the first post you have peaked my interest. I love England and crafts so am interested is reading more!

Crystal said...

You are blessed to be surrounded by these things that bring you - and others - so much fun. Creating is such an essential part of my being too. Just the other day I was thinking how thankful I am to have a sewing machine. Carry on creating :)

Janine said...

I am a member of Lions service organisation. Next month we are taking gifts to all the residents of an old age facility. I'm knitting 60 minature Christmas hat tree decorations in bright colours - each resident will receive one. I have to say, they are very cute!

Dawn said...

I'm like Linda - a lump. You are so industrious! Wish I could see all your creations. It amazes me that you can "wing it" and come up with anything usable!

Have a great Sunday - oh wait, it's half over!