Saturday, November 05, 2011

More bits and pieces.......

Thank you for all your help, people - it has been illuminating! Food for thought, and it will be interesting to pass this on to the Powers That Be around here. If you want to keep emailing me your ideas or experiences, please do!

Right now, I should be on a train to London, to meet up with a group of ladies who went to the same school I went to in the Dark Ages - though some of them are a good deal younger than me, I suspect. I am not on the train. I am here. At home instead. A while back, I would have ignored the aches when I got out of bed and pushed myself to go. But today, I was an adult, and I am creaking, and so I excused myself and am retreating to the couch. Be proud. I am PACING myself! I chatted to Naudene, one of my good friends from our year, and she is going, armed with her camera, and will take photos for me too. And I will definitely be at the next one, although I may do something more sensible like stay in London for the weekend and do short trips out. Walking is not my best thing right now. 

So, I have just skyped with my granddaughter who had a mini firework display in her garden last night, courtesy of her Daddy, and she loved it. Her first real firework event. There will be plenty more to see tonight across the land, but it will also be raining. Our village has a big bonfire with fireworks every year to mark Guy Fawkes on the 5th November, and there is a torchlit procession from the village down the lane, under the dual carriageway,. down the road and into a sports field. A long way from homes and built up areas. Especially after the fire men once had the display on the recreation ground in the centre of the village and firework #1 went straight up and then straight down into the open chest of unlit fireworks, sparking off the display to end all displays. No-one was hurt, but firemen were seen to be diving for cover, and it didn't last very long. Spectacular but short. So now it is waaaaaay down there, across the fields. 

Last night there was the most dreadful accident on one of the motorways in Somerset - 27 cars and lorries involved, fog, fireballs and fatalities, and many injuries. It looks horrendous, and it rather focuses the mind on what is important. Life. The phrase "life changing injuries" has such an ominous ring to it. many prayers surround those families affected, and many more will be needed too. Life is so fragile - so fleeting, isn't it? 

Day 5: I am so thankful for today. Right now. With my family all safe. That I can cherish each moment.


Stripeyspots said...

A rusty bug reunion? That's amazing.

Vee said...

News of the accident is chilling. I'm so sorry for all those who are forever changed as a result. Fog is a nasty weather event to have to drive in.

Good for you. Pacing is good even when it means some disappointments like missing out on fun. Ohhh, a weekend in London sounds like a plan so you have a place to return and lie down and stretch out and be comfortable between excursions.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Linds said...

37 cars and lorries now. There is nothing left of some of them except ashes.

boysmum2 said...

Enjoy your weekend away with past friends. Horrid what fog and rain can do to travel, glad you went by train