Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not quite firing on all cylinders........

No-one would assume I was in the first flush of youth today. The "crone" version of Linds is nearer the mark. EVERYTHING hurts today. Perfect. So, after a slow start, Jean and I went to aqua-zumba, and for the first time, I struggled a bit. But we got there (to the end of the lesson without expiring), and that spa afterwards was like heaven. I sank into that warm bubbling water and nearly dozed off.

And then home. More things cut out, more things sanded - the sudden realisation that there are 2 more birthdays this week struck, and I am going to have to be creative here. Thank heavens for Pinterest because the brain is beyond coming up with something all by itself. And yes, you can ask why I didn't sit down. That would be because I would have fallen asleep instantly and not woken till midnight. And no, that would not have suited at all.

It is a miracle that supper is all prepared and ready to cook.

The Christian book club meets tonight. We really do have to come up with a name which will draw more people to it, I think. There are about 6 of us who try to meet once a month, and we all put in some of our own books, so people can share them, then we read what appeals and discuss opinions when we meet. It is an interesting group. However, I think I am going to battle to stay awake. Maybe there will be a really compelling or contentious  discussion and I will roar into life. Hmmm. We will see.

It is just 4.30pm, and already nearly dark. It feels like bed-time. I just glanced at my notebook next to me, and I have a list of things I want to chat about, but they all require the brain to be in full working order, and today it is jelly.

However, if you want to read a wonderful post re how the real church can nourish the soul, go here. Amber has written so well of what so many dream of being a part of, and I loved every words she wrote.

Day 15: I am immensely thankful for my mother. She has been sitting crocheting a zillion blankets for people who need them, and she still manages to sort all the vegetables for our meals, and zap through crossword books and answer the phone for me and so much more. She is my PA at the moment, and irreplaceable, 86. Pah. She can do anything. Can't you, Mum???????


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Vee said...

Don't you suppose that she loves taking care of you still?! = )

I do NOT know how you do it all. (The library just called and they'd like me to bake a pie for the annual pie sale. I don't see how I can fit that into my schedule so I'm going to donate the money instead. Much easier!)

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Sorry about the deleted comment - I clicked before I was finished (I think I'm a bit tired too!).
It is always good to visit with you Linds. It sounds like you're getting lots and lots done. I feel a little pull to Pinterest but am not sure how it works and am worried I'll spend far too much time on yet another thing.
Your Mom is a wonder. My Mom has slowed a bit because of her leg, but she still accomplishes so much. We are blessed.