Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting ready for a busy weekend.......

It has been the Get The House Ready for my son and his family to visit day today. There has been much activity. And tomorrow will bring more of that activity before they arrive and then, as we all know, there will be nonstop activity all weekend, because a nearly 3 year old girlie will be in residence, and it is also my Mum's birthday tomorrow.

Things will not be quiet. I can't wait!

Missy has been baking and decorating. There will be photos tomorrow, I am certain.

The Autumn quilt, as promised. It looks good and I love it. It has taken a year to get round to finishing it. I am dreadful. There are many UFOs in my sewing room. Hidden. I pile things on top of them so I forget all about them for a while and can escape the guilt. I may need to start unearthing them and finish the lot. 

I have declared tonight a foraging night. I am not cooking,. The family can find what they feel like eating. Toast sounds perfect to me. Actually, I could make scrambled egg, I suppose. I have done rather a lot today. The bones creaketh. You know, I couldn't find Missy's little pushchair for her doll. The little pink one. If I had had the energy to remove every single thing up on the deck, I would have found it, but really, there was no way I was going to do that today. So I went to get another one. 

Or so I thought. Get this - Tesco informed me that they have none because doll's pushchairs are a summer line, and it is not summer. I stood there looking very perplexed, and said " But it is nearly Christmas." "Yes, they said, "and we only sell them in summer because they are a summer line." " Ok, I heard that, but they are a TOY. Parents BUY TOYS for Christmas presents.". "This line only sells in summer". I gave up. How RIDICULOUS can you get. And there I was, standing in the shop, surrounded by women all pushing kiddie size pushchairs with their children in. No-one told them that pushchairs are a summer line. 

She will have plenty to play with. I seem to have the contents of a toyshop in my living room, courtesy of those loft trips and friends who pass their outgrown toys on to us. But right now, the scrambled eggs are calling. I will be back. 

Day 11: Remembrance Day. Today is 11/11/11 and that is extra special. I am so thankful for all the people who have offered their lives to ensure that my world is free from tyranny. 


Isabelle said...

Love the quilt.

And yes, I'm with you on supermarkets. Recently I bought a pot plant as a gift and wanted a ceramic pot to put it in. But no - supermarkets don't have pots in the winter - not even for indoor plants.

Vee said...

Beautiful autumn quilt, Linds. I so wanted to see it enlarged, but the enlargy thingimajig is broken. Sounds like a busy weekend ahead. I know that you'll have great fun. Now don't overdo!

Needled Mom said...

Have a wonderful weekend with Missy and gand. Happy BD to your mum too.