Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fireworks and fun.......

Day 6: I am so thankful for the simple things, laughter and memories, crackling bonfires and excited kiddies, and how every time of celebration evokes memories from distant years, which make me smile.

 There is something about bonfires, and flickering flames and the smell of wood burning which makes standing outside wrapped up in a dozen layers just perfect. Gloves, hats and all.
 Standing around watching those flames sparkle and listening to the crackle and hiss is mesmerising for all ages.
 And then there is the fun of the fireworks, and smell of the "gunpowder" stuff and the clouds of smoke as the rockets soar (I did not get ONE photo of rockets soaring. Lots of black skies though) and the fireworks dance and spin and scatter their little stars all over the garden.
 Why do they all have to have names like Bazooka, and Demon Firefly and Crackling Storm?? I personally think "Pretty Fountain" would get a lot of (female) buyers. Leave out some thunderbolts and get some pretty ones. That last longer than one bang.
Then there was the Catherine wheel. The highlight of any firework display, I think. This was a brilliant one and it went on and on and was stunning. I remembered Geoff and the board he tied to the jungle gym in the garden with the Catherine wheels nailed onto it, and how much we loved it - so pretty.

We went to the babes' house (they are not babes now - B is 10 and the twins are 8.) It is a tradition, you see - Jean and I go to fireworks there, and we were grinning as we remembered a time when all 3 of us - Jean, Jackie and I were inside the conservatory, holding babes who screeched at the thought of big bangs and fiery sights, and how different it was last night, with them racing to choose the next one to give to their Dad, and loving every bang and sparkle. The louder the better.

Time marches on and they all grow way to fast.

And home for baked potatoes and apple pie. FYI, vanilla yoghurt tastes just fine with apple pie when you run out of custard and have no cream or ice cream in the house or room in the freezer for any. I was about to make the best home-made ice cream in the world and then realised we would have to eat 2 litres of it immediately because whatever I took out of the freezer to make room for it to be chilled, would have to go back in.


I am so organised.

I was pacing the garden a little earlier - there are some weighty issues I want to talk about  which have my brain befuddled a bit. But then I started talking about fireworks and babes and did I tell you Missy and her Mum and Dad will be here next weekend???? I cannot wait.

I fell asleep on the couch at about 9pm and woke at 1.30, so got into bed at 2am, lay there till 3am and then fell asleep again. Finally. And woke at about 7. Is it any wonder I am discombobulated and befuddled??? I need to gather the energy to stay awake for the final episode of Series 2 of Downton Abbey - but a third has been commissioned, so that is exciting.

Enough of the rambling all over the place. I do believe an afternoon nap may be in order. Enjoy your Sunday!


Vee said...

Yes, no wonder! But you do make the most sense of any sleep deprived person I know. Hope that you are slumbering even now...

Needled Mom said...

You are going to have to colllect sleep hours this week so you can enjoy the fun of next weekend.

We changed time last night and we were both up at 3:30 and had a full pot of coffee gone bfore 6 a.m. SIGH!!!!

I do prefer your name for the fireworks!

Crystal said...

Did you take those pictures of the fireworks? They are beautiful! And I've never heard of the Catherine but it looks gorgeous. My experience with fireworks is very limited :) We switched from daylight saving time too and it was dark by 5:30 p.m. tonight - very sad indeed. Have fun next weekend!!

And Marge is on my prayer list.

boysmum2 said...

That catherine wheel is awesome, what a coll picture of it spinning and all lit. I love fireworks, should be more of them