Friday, February 03, 2012

Blue screens.......

I wish I could tell you that today was a roaring success. Well, it is, in a sense because I am here, of course. If I tell you that the day started with the Blue Screen of Death on the computer, repeatedly, you will see why being here at all is a major miracle.

I will take miracles of any sort right now. Thanks to my 2 sons helping via phone, I managed to make sure everything was backed up and safe, and then also managed to restore things. This was a major improvement on the last computer disaster. I think it was the automatic Windows update yesterday which caused the whole thing to roll over and expire. Updates are not meant to do these sort of things, are they? I ran a full system scan and there were no problems, and then I downloaded the Trend Micro free scanner and that showed no problems either. So hopefully, we are good to go.

I hate the blue screen of doom. With a passion. I start hyperventilating.

Jean popped in for coffee earlier, which was lovely. I think I managed to talk nonstop, which must mean I need to get out more and do stuff. You asked re the cold, Vee - well, this is the wrong sort of cold! In the Alps, it was -12C and lower, and that is the cold frosty chill which shrinks the trousers around your legs and numbs you. This cold is English cold, with a touch of dampness and much too warm. Well. I know what I mean. It was apparently -7 or so last night here, but I was in bed asleep, snug as a bug.

And, the crockpot is bubbling, I am warm, Glynis is popping over soon, and all is well with the world. See? Plenty to be happy about!


Vee said...

I don't have to understand a thing, Linds, though I think that I do understand a little in the difference between the cold you need and the cold you have. British cold is a bit too damp. Gotcha.

Oh the blue screen raises blood pressure the world over. Glad that you were able to bring the computer back from the brink.

Stay warm...and be cool...well, I know what I mean. (Now I'm wondering if dry heat would feel as good as dry cold.)

Dawn said...

Yes, Vee, dry heat and dry cold are much preferable to the humid kind!!

So glad you got your computer mess worked out. I wouldn't know where to start.

So glad you turned on your crock pot today!