Thursday, February 16, 2012


Homemaker it is then. I have no idea why I didn't think of that one. I still think a little large card with all the other things on would be appropriate too. I am proud of who I am. I have no need to make excuses or to feel slightly inadequate or moronic. I just wish the world at large would acknowledge just how much work and how many talents you need to create a home for a family.

Not a house you live in, but a home. A real home. A refuge from the winds which toss us all around outside the door.You just have to look at one of the Compassion photo of homes our friends have visited to know how hard those women have worked with almost zero resources and a great deal of ingenuity, to create homes.

It can't be bought, and it doesn't happen over night. My sister is a world-class home maker. Everyone who has visited her home knows just how warm and welcoming it is and oh, the ideas she has come up with to create little areas of delight. Just amazing. Beautiful. And she works full time and has a massive garden too.

It is the fact that the work is done with love, for those you love, which makes the hugest of differences.


I have been trying to rest and recharge my soul for a while now. And body. I have also discovered that when something else, apart from my leg, aches in this old body of mine, my neural network goes crackers, and the prickling of the skin spreads all over the body, like pins and needles. Constantly.  Actually, it feels like ants running rampant over my skin. I am not very partial to the ants and skin combination. I can visualise those neurons being confused, and running about like headless chickens not knowing what to do next, and it would help enormously if they would listen to me tell them to calm down and relax. They are not listening. So we are moving slowly.

I don't like talking too much about pain and associated bits here. But then, this is my life, and pain features prominently, to my regret. But life still trots on and there is still a great deal of laughter. What would I do without family and friends? And you lot?

I have been sitting here, watching the soft golden light of the setting sun touch the walls of the room around me, and it is so beautiful. Gentle. It bathes the world in golden rays and I want to reach out and capture it. But it is illusive.

Time for a nap, I think. Tomorrow is a Big Day. Someone I love very much will be 3!!!!!!

3?? How is that possible?

Maybe I need to write another letter to my granddaughter.......................


Stripeyspots said...

Never a truer word has been spoken. A home for others is a precious thing and can only be built by somebody with love and selflessness, and those are not easily found.

Vee said...

It was a pleasure to read your thoughts on homemaking. If a person is gifted with the skill, s/he can make a home anywhere.

Three? Now really. This does not seem possible. Why it was just yesterday... Have great fun, Linds!

I'm praying that the nerves will calm down and quit the ant dance. You describe that so well.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Many very true words here Linds - and a big happy birthday to Missy too! Love Helen

Needled Mom said...

Homemaker sounds great to me. It says a lot!!!

How can Missy be 3 already???? It seems like it was only yesterday we heard about her birth.

I hope you can enjoy a restful weekend and recharge.

Isabelle said...

Oh, a very happy birthday to Missy!