Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More cleaning and hidden treasures..........

Evening, all...............

You may have noticed that the template for winter is gone. That was the easy part, because we all know how I hate messing with templates, but then the  hot bliggity blogs website was down too, so I tried a few others, got into a frightful mess, and gave up. So we are "simple" for now until I can gather the strength to play again. But winter had to go, really, and the blue reminds me of the colour I want the sky to be right now. It has not been blue. It has been grey. 

The cleaning continues. This has to be a Spring thing, doesn't it??? I managed to do the linen change/wash today and tackle one and a half bedrooms and one bathroom. But the phone rang and then I needed coffee and then the phone rang, and then it was dark, and I do not clean in the dark so that was a perfect excuse to cease and desist immediately. And once i got downstairs, I refused to go up again. 

There was a wonderful surprise yesterday when I did the tidying, sorting and cleaning of the lounge. I knew there were a couple of Christmas presents under the table, but I assumed that they were ones I had wrapped for emergencies. So I was packing them away when I noticed that the label didn't look familiar. And I turned it over, and the gifts were for MEEEEEEEEEE! They were both from Jean (who also gave me a wonderful box full of things I love which I opened ages ago) and I was SO thrilled to unwrap them and find a gorgeous book on quilting and some crafty tools to play with. I highly recommend opening Christmas presents at the end of February. 

See - I should have done the sorting cleaning thing much earlier, shouldn't I. In my own defence, though, we used similar paper, so it was a natural assumption that I had wrapped them. I can't wait to start playing! However, the cleaning needs to be conquered first, and the 40 bags need to be gathered and evicted. The house will breathe a sigh of relief, and you never know, I may even get the new study sorted. A year after it was started. There is the slight problem of an old rosewood piano, weighing 5499372625278tons, which no-one wants any more, to sort. You can't even give them away, because modern homes are too small, and everyone has those electronic keyboards now. They are light and easy to move. Diana played the piano, and so does David. Ann plays beautifully, and my neighbours love it when she is here in the summer, and the doors are open, and they sit in their gardens and listen to her playing.

I keep thinking that maybe David would like the piano one day, but realistically speaking, it will be a nightmare to move anywhere, until he has a home of his own, and that is not going to happen in the next couple of years, if he carries on studying. It is approaching 100 years old now, and it still sounds wonderful. Well, it would if it had been tuned recently, but even though it hasn't it still sounds fine.

So Day Three of the cleaning saga happens tomorrow. I am quite sure you are on the edge of your seats waiting with bated breath for the next instalment............ (only the US spells instalment with 2 x ls)(the Oxford English dictionary says we spell it with one!)


Fran said...

I love the idea of finding Christmas presents in February. It's almost worth hiding some to forget about and then find!

Vee said...

Funny little differences between the English-speaking countries such as the spelling of installment.

Didn't Jean ask about the gifts? Perhaps not. If I had given them, I might well have forgotten them by now. Anyway, what a lovely reward for your labor.

I have one bag sitting nearly full in by bedroom. One down and 39 more to go.

Sorry that I've been stuck here. Molly needed outdoor time and then we nearly were attacked by the neighbor's pitbulls. Ai yi yi. Life does get exciting by times.

Chris said...

I have a bag filled! Does trash count???

I do wish I had half your energy, my friend. I'd rule the world...not that I'd want to.

A cozy, rainy day here today. Spring has indeed sprung!

Linda said...

I won't have to spring clean the house this year, but I will have to finally unpack all the boxes when we move into the new house in a few weeks. I'm beginning to wish I had been more ruthless when I was packing. I think there are probably at least 40 bags worth of things that will make their way to Good Will.
I love getting "late" presents. It's such fun.
I'm so sad about the piano. Why not take lessons Linds? I have had a great time taking lessons. One would think I was quite accomplished after all these years (I started about nine years ago), but one would be mistaken. But I have loved it, and I can play a song or two!

Dawn said...

How big are our bags? I never spring clean, which I definitely should, but I did huge bags of stuff last year - and sure wish I had not given away all the clothes I did, because it was way too optimistic - I need them back while I attempt to get rid of the pounds AGAIN!

boysmum2 said...

sometimes simple is all you need