Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The sun is shining......

Hello, February - a month I used to remember as being the hottest of the year. Not any more. It is perishingly cold today, and a friend has just been around to prune the apple tree. Which spurred me on to start hacking wildly at the roses too. 
Friend checking out the tree before pruning it
 The skies, as you can see, are beautifully blue and the sun is shining too. Which makes one think it is warm. It is not remotely warm.
After pruning
 And the sun is streaming into the house, showing up every particle of dust and every smear on the windows. And every cobweb. There are many cobwebs.
February is the month my daughter was born. And it is also the month my granddaughter was born.  February is a bright and cheerful month in my mind. A happy month. A month of the colours pink and red and hearts and joy and love and ..... I have always loved February.

My mind therefore battles with what the eyes see when they look out of the windows - the ones with the smears on them. The vista is usually greyish and cold here in the frozen north. Sigh. I don't spend a great deal of time looking back at things. I look at today. The dust and cobwebs, remember - I looked. I know that living fully every day is the important thing I need to focus on. Of course it is. But when the month heralds the celebration of special events, then of COURSE I look back. And the images flash by today, kaleidoscoping 31 amalgamated years into a blur of colour and sound only I can see. I can even feel that soft baby skin. (This will be repeated in April and May too, by the way.) (And March is also heavy on memories.) (In fact Feb, March, April, May are just family months, so be prepared for sentiment at times.)

Anyway. Today. I decided that I would document a day in my life, taking a photo every hour from waking to sleep. I could not have chosen a more boring day. I woke at 7. Photo one = my duvet cover on the bed with a lump underneath it. That was me. Photo 2= the unmade bed. Photo 3 = a cup of coffee. Photo 4 =the computer screen. Photo 5 = iced up water butts in the garden. Photo 6 = apple tree being pruned. Photo 7 = coffee cup. Photo 8 will probably be of me on the couch crocheting, and heaven knows what else I will be able to come up with.


Maybe I need to choose a better, more exciting day. Any other day may be more interesting. It could not possibly be more boring. Oooh look, time to take another photo. I am blogging. Snap. Actually, the camera's battery is about to expire, so I think I am off the hook for today. Ridiculous idea.

And you get a gold star for sticking around, if you are still here. This is not a stellar post.

I will be back tomorrow. I will have an adventure of sorts, come what may.


PEA said...

Heyyyy stop adding more posts when I'm trying to catch up, will ya?! LOL It's still morning in my little corner of the world and my day has started out busy...changed the bed sheets, laundry, cleaned my bedroom ceiling fan and changed the lightbulb...exciting, eh? lol Maybe it's a good thing I didn't think of taking pictures of my day! hehe

It's snowing over here and -1C (27F) so no blue skies like you have. Please send it over here:-)

I can see why February is a wonderful month for you, many lovely events to celebrate. Enjoy every minute:-) xoxo

Vee said...

I love the idea of documenting your day. Then I'm the one who's been documenting snowflakes. The joys of having time.

Such a lovely, cozy February living room. It looks as if it has been designed for February. Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I will be featuring a small corner of my own lr in hopes of learning how to show the beyond as well as the here. I have a feeling that it will be much like your documenting of the day.

The apple tree looks wonderful with all the suckers removed. Now for future blossoms and a lovely harvest.

Stay cozy now! Never worry about a sentiment sneaking in. I enjoy sentiments.

Dawn said...

Sounds like we're all having equally exciting days. February is my dad's birthday and Kevin's (the same day as your daughter's). Anthony's was yesterday, so we celebrated him a bit on Sunday. His life has not been stellar, but it's good to see him again after a long time.

And then there's of course Valentine's Day in the Land of Love.

Today I have three little cold carriers and sufferers in my family room - I think I'll stay up here on the third level!

Crystal said...

Your home looks so bright and cheerful with all the red and pink touches. Mine looks drab and dreary - off to find some fabric and a pillow form :) Enjoy this month of celebrations and memories!

And taking pictures of your ordinary day will be priceless to Missy when she is your age :)

MotherT said...

I love the creams and reds in your living room! Very happy!

Today it is 54F in Central Ohio, an almost unheard-of warmth for February 1st. I'm loving the sight of the sun, and enjoying watching the birds at the feeders.

Now, I'm going to go rev-up the sewing machine and get the mending pile cleared up.