Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Techy stuff, cars and comfort food.......

Hello, all....

I am taking a little break from trawling through thousands of websites. I need to get quotes for all things from gardening to memorial benches etc etc for the lawyers, and it is a slooooooooooooooow process. And one I would rather not be doing at all.

And then, to make life really peachy, I am having Issues with the latest Window update. It downloads, and then the next day, the computer closely resembles a snail (with arthritis) and the NEXT day, I get the blue screen of death yet again. So I narrowed it down to the update. I asked if anyone on Facebook was having similar problems and got an answer.....thank you, social media. Many are having the same problem. Apparently it is the Explorer part of the update and it needs some techy intervention. AKA jiggling some of the code.

Apparently it is simple.


Disabling updates sounds like a simpler option.

While we are discussing techy stuff, let me just tell you that I have had a sudden surge of spam comments in the last 24 hours after lifting the word verification, which, thankfully, blogger is catching. The robots, people. They are out there.

I am trying not to think about the car having its fitness test. The dreaded annual MOT for cars over 3 years old. Mine is considerably older than 3. Last year I nearly needed smelling salts when it sailed into the drive with Bob, The Car Man. With new brakes, tyres the lot.  I am hoping for a good cheap result this time. It is all safety orientated, the MOT. Seat-belts, exhaust, brakes, lights, tyres, wipers, etc etc etc£££££££££s. But I need to be safe and I need it to be reliable and to go. But a good pass would be stellar, believe me. (Lots of buts there!)

So I have the crockpot bubbling away, and a blueberry cake in the oven, and I am here, because it is raining, and I am not walking anywhere in the rain when a cold wind is blowing as well. Coffee? Tick. Slippers? Tick. (Why isn't there a tick symbol on the keyboard?)

This evening, I will finish off the pink ripple I have done for Missy's bed, when she comes to visit. And the darning in of ends on the red one is still only half done. The end of the month is approaching and the red one has to be ready to pack away. But I will enjoy it next year.

Jean popped in this morning for coffee and a catch up and brought me some mushrooms, so I made mushrooms on toast for lunch. It is years, if not decades, since I have had mushrooms on toast, and I used to love it so much. It tasted wonderful - comfort food of the best kind. What is your favourite comfort food? I would love to know!


Needled Mom said...

Technology!!!!! Grrr. I did notice today that the word verification is easier to read, in spite of still using two words.

I can't wait to see the pink ripple. Missy will love it. Did you make one for her dolly too?????

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Oh dear...I feel your pain, I really do!
Fave comfort food - fish pie with mashed potato on the top! Yum, but problematic as the rest of the family loathe it!! Oh, and fish and chips, which of course I can't get here...:-(

Anne said...

Mince and crispy dumplings with mashed potato and turnip...mmm!

Vee said...

It has nothing to do with mushrooms. Of that, I can assure you. Mushrooms sound entirely too healthful for proper comfort food.

Alt 251 = √

Sorry about the spam. I had a similar thing happen. For about three days, I thought I was being attacked by mighty hoardes. It all passed and now just here and there. And nothing that has gotten through. Yay for Blogger!

Sounds like good days (the rainy ones) for finishing up fun things like making Missy's blanket. The other stuff does not sound like so much fun.

Crystal said...

My favourite comfort food - anything with cheese, especially pizza! I hope the car passed inspection with no expensive surprises. It was very windy here today too - I think it's blowing in snow again. Good luck with your other 'project' and the fun sewing ones!

MelD said...

Shepherd's Pie. Or baked beans (quicker!)...

My rusty, paint-peeling 17 year old car surprised us all by flying through its MOT last week - yay. Fingers crossed yours does, too. My friend's also passed hers, so it's obviously a good time ;)

MotherT said...

My go-to comfort food is Cheesy Potato Soup. It's very thick and cheesy and I usually add some chopped ham or crumbled bacon.

Can't wait to see the picture of Missy with her pink ripple!