Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day........

is not quite the same when you are alone. Sure, there are hearts hanging around the house, but there is no-one there, so it is purely for my own delight. And they make me smile. Actually, it is only in recent years that Valentine's Day has become a relatively big thing here. We are certainly nowhere near as good at it as the US is, I have to say. It has never been a major event on our calendar. A card maybe. But now it all looks a lot different, especially in the stores. I just think especially of those who are alone, and as each year the hearts and flowers and associated paraphernalia come out earlier and earlier, I worry about their loneliness. Their alone-ness. The world seems to be made for couples today.

It has been a lovely day, nonetheless. A little unexpected retail therapy at a cheapy shop or two, and a cupcake of joy for dessert. Not to mention a beautiful sunset. The sky was aglow with golden light, tinged with scarlet and cerise, and it was just breathtaking. The promise of a fine morning yet to come. According to old tradition, of course.

We will see what morning brings.

I may or may not have walked a little more than is wise today. I may or may not be creaking. I may or may not be observing the morning from the couch. But, to have some fun and to enjoy time out with friends having mini "adventures", it is worth paying the price. Now and then.

It is all about choices, isn't it? Every day is made up of so many choices, and yet with every one of them comes consequences too, of course. We choose, and our choices set a train of events in motion. And then we deal with what comes next. Further choices. Crossroads. Decisions.

Wouldn't it be lovely to just drift with the wind now and then and be carried to wherever the wind blew? Just float. No decisions. No nothing.

I am putting myself to sleep here. Floating. Wafting. Drifting.

I need coffee. And chocolate!

Have a very happy rest of Valentine's Day, people!!


Dawn said...

I love this. We have never been huge on Valentine's Day celebration, since Kev's birthday is the day before and we kind of lost Vday when he was home with us. Ever since then, we might or might not go out, without getting a reservation, which is a mistake. This year we actually did make a reservation at a lovely place, and now my sweetie is lying on the couch in misery, as he has since Friday. We're going to another doctor tomorrow.

On the other hand, our whole town is crazy about Vday, which you probably know from my blog, etc.

As for drifting, I would love that for awhile, at least. It has been a taxing couple of weeks here! I had to cancel my PT appt. today, because I couldn't fit my fit in to the mess of a day. It's hurting again this week, and I'm not happy.

Have a good night's rest!

Vee said...

I have never thought of Valentine's Day as a "couples" day. Must be because my grandmother always made it special for my sister and me and none of us were a couple. Just delivered Valentines to my grands and a little shirt. I was downplaying the entire time..."It's not Christmas nor your birthday, it's only Valentine's Day." They nodded having, I'm sure, heard that line all day. ☺

Linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Linds. I am thinking that Someone sent you a very special Valentine - His love for you written across the sky.
I understand what you mean about choices. It gets tiresome sometimes - this effort to be responsible. I sometimes long to be that little girl again. The one who rode in the backseat of the car with the window rolled down all the way - not a care in the world - trusting in my Dad to make all the right choices for me.

Needled Mom said...

We have never really been big on Valentine's Day here. It always seems so commercialized to me and the restaurants are way too crowded to get good service. A quiet night at home with a good meal is perfect for us. Do I sound like an old fuddy duddy????