Sunday, February 05, 2012

The snow came......

 The snow did indeed fall most of the night, and I woke to a white world. You know what I love about the snow here? Two things really. First, it is the silence. The way the snow seems to absorb sound and all you hear are voices. The fact that it is a Sunday helps, of course, and the traffic is nowhere near as busy along the residential roads here.

The second thing I absolutely love is the fact that people talk to each other when there is snow on the ground. It seems to bring out every aspect of social awareness, and fun. I was chatting to a couple of my neighbours as they shovelled snow, and as people passed, they called out greetings. A family wandered down the centre of the road pulling their toddler along on a sled, with their shopping, and everyone smiled. Everyone. Kids raced around with sleds, so excited to be heading for the hill.
 I walked along the road and up to check on the main road early today because I had vague ideas of attempting to drive to church. Those ideas were nixed. But I took a couple of photos, chatted to every-one  out for an early morning walk, and there were so many of them - and then slipped and landed on my rear in the snow.

I then had an attack of the giggles, levered myself up with my trusty stick, told the two lovely ladies who offered help that I was fine, and dusted myself off, thanking heaven that no-one with a camera was around to record my rear in the snow.
 The horses in the field were very excited to see their owner arrive, and they followed him around as he hauled out a bale of hay for their breakfast. They seem to have tossed off their blankets all over the field for some reason, but they were all full of energy in the snow.
 This is the point where I decided to plonk the rear in the snow. Not down the lane out of sight. No. Right on the edge of the main road out of the village.

And I have just checked Flickr to se if my granddaughter had had fun in the snow too. Oh yes she had. This is Missy, jumping in the air with excitement, as her Dad built a beautiful snowman for her. She had a ball. Complete with her Peppa Pig wellies. I think her Mum and Dad had a ball in the snow too. 
Some people hate the snow. Me? I love it. I love the way barriers fall and people call to check on each other. I love the way everyone seems to be so happy and having fun. I  love the silence, and the brightness. I love the way the rooms in the house seem to glow. I love the way the miniature flakes gather to form snowbanks. I also love the fact that here in the UK, no-one goes anywhere because there are no winter tyres on cars. Snow - it makes the world clean and pure, doesn't it?

What a pity we so seldom have any here.

Europe has been caught in a long period of freezing temps. You can go here to see some amazing photos.


The Bookworm said...

You just described exactly how I feel about snow. And those pictures were amazing!

Vee said...

Snow also gives permission to make something delicious and tuck up under the blankets with tea and a book and nibble away. Yes, you have described it very well —silence, camaraderie, light.

Your photo of the horses is wonderful. They look as if they are wearing a rather thick coat of their own.

Hope that the landing was soft and glad I am that you didn't venture to church under those driving conditions.

Dawn said...

I'm glad you didn't hurt your knee when you fell - I'm impressed that you were able to get yourself up!

As for snow - I'm not a big fan, except right after it falls and it's so pristine and beautiful. We had quite a dump here this Thursday/Friday - the biggest February storm ever - like the ones we usually get in March, full of water, which is what we need so desperately around here for our summer water in the reservoirs. What I did NOT like was they called off school and I had the 4 girls all day again. But hopefully things will settle down this week, their mom will get over this terrible flu, and life will move forward.

Have a great week!