Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sisters, stage props and sundry other things......

Well, that was fun, wasn't it. Age and expressions and THEN I was skyping with my sister and she said, get this...."that horrible first photo is EXACTLY what I see, and in fact you look worse, because you frown at the same time." Great. Who said sisters were a good idea. I am off mine at the moment (till tomorrow). Sulking is good at times. Like now. In reality, I had hysterics. And spent the rest of the skype call with a cheesy grin. I don't do sulking - it is a complete waste of time.

Especially when I suspected she was right and that is dreadful. DREADFUL. So I have spent the day grinning. I am practicing, people. Practice makes perfect, as my mother used to say. The world at large will think I have lost my mind. Actually, only the sewing machine saw me this morning because a friend of mine is in a play soon, and needed a prop made. Bandaged hands. No problem. I can do bandaged hands, I said.

I had lost my mind yet again.

So there I was with chopped off gloves on MY hands, winding bandages around one hand at a time, pinning and hand sewing it in place until I had giant cream paws which held their shape. It got a little interesting when I had to wind the bandage round my right hand, and pin it with the left hand, and then remove the glove and put it on the left hand and sew it with the right hand. These paws cannot be allowed to unravel at a crucial moment on stage, you see. So they are very well stitched down. Thankfully, the actor is pleased. Frankly, I have no idea what else I could have done. They do look realistic, and now he is going to splatter them with gore, I gather. I will take a photo when they are suitably red. (They already contain traces of my DNA after sewing them in place while wearing them.)

And I will add bandaged hands to my CV.

So do you want to know that the linen is clean? The clothes are washed? The dishes are clean? The beds are made? The daffodils are open in the vases in the lounge? Yep. I am feeling virtuous.  It is a good feeling. The snow and ice remains on the ground, and last night was apparently the coldest of the year -12C, I think. It was cold. I find it very difficult to leap out of bed with any enthusiasm on cold, cold days. I use the word leap but you will know I mean crawl. Leap sounds better. Inching one's way out from under the covers makes me sound even older than I looked in yesterday's post. In my mind, I leap and bound, and pirouette through life.


The mind is a wonderful thing. I can do and be anything I feel like in my mind. Just picture me in a tutu.

Maybe not.


Vee said...

Sisters can say the wildest things, especially younger sisters. If an older sister said that, her mother would clobber her because the younger would whine. Just sayin'...

Stay warm. I had to look up the -12C thing thinking it a vile number...10 point something Fahrenheit. Plenty cold enough!

Anonymous said...

Couple of things about photo 1 - never thought you would ever look like Aunty Joy - but you do - except she probably never scowled like that - at least not at me - and secondly I would have hated to be one of your pupils that did not do their homework ... Lots of Love to all of you :)

MotherT said...

Unless I'm really feeling sick, I've always had a perpetual grin that gets me in trouble.

I used to have teachers that would tell me to wipe the smile off my face. And my mother would ask what I had to smile about.

I guess too much of a good thing is still not good!

Isabelle said...

Well, I've always wanted a sister and now... !

Don't listen to her.