Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday and phones (such an exciting title)........

So, today.......

New phones after all 3 died a sudden death. That involved finding Jean pottering around her garden, and kidnapping her (well, at the thought of coffee out, she leapt into my car). I did try calling her (from my mobile) but she was in the garden, as I said. I tried texting her, but for some reason her phone refused to receive messages, as we later discovered. It was not a good phone day for anyone actually.

So, coffee out. That was great. Pondering the merits of phones. That we sorted.

And home to charge them. Seven hours minimum. Then, hallelujah, these phones came with an instruction book, which, nowadays, is rarer than hen's teeth, so I was busy programming phone #1 when there was a power failure in the village, and I was plunged into darkness. Perfect. Clatter crashing my way around the room to light candles, and rescue the dolly's blanket I was crocheting, and sitting in the candlelight was actually quite soothing. And very quiet. I don't know when last I simply sat quietly alone in the light of some candles. I should do it more often. It was good. Time to let the brain rest. And the hands, because I couldn't see to do anything. I think I need enforced quiet.

Once the power came back on, I finished programming the other phones and then discovered that the clock on my microwave had blown a fuse. Or something. I can't set the clock. However, it still goes on, so it will be fine. I will just have to remember to look at real clocks instead, when I want to know the time. Oh well. It could have been worse.

Phones were not in the budget in MOT week. And microwaves are not in the budget for 2012 at all. So we will go back to stone age cooking if necessary and it will just be my recession heater warming which will be missed should the wretched thing roll over and really expire. But I am being positive here, and it will survive nicely, I am sure.

My sister has started changing her house from winter to spring. I KNEW she would do this, even though the end of the month is next week. So I went and looked at the mountain of boxes behind and under which my spring things are. I looked. And groaned. And looked. And sighed.

Then I came back to the couch and ate some chocolate so the blood pressure could return to normal and the hyperventilating could cease. .

Anemones are red. Maybe I can make spring red. And yellow. Tulips can be red. And green. And red. Did I mention red??

Tomorrow. Maybe.


Vee said...

As we are getting the first real snow of the year, I am safe from having to think of spring. Though I did put the snowflakes away, but I told you that.

What is going on with the Power that everyone's phones are on the fritz and the lights are out blowing microwave fuses, etc. Good for the quiet. Yes, just not good for the pocketbook.

Needled Mom said...

It does not sound like it was a good day there for you!!!!

I was just thinking it was about time to put my Valentine decorations away and bring on spring. Already????

Dawn said...

Spring sounds good, but it's going to be awhile here.

We had power outage the other day, though very short - but all those crazy clocks I have to re-set! You probably read on FB that when the power came back on Katie said, "I love tricity, Grandma!"