Monday, March 26, 2012

Anyone would think it was summer......

Yet another glorious day today - this weather is totally wrong for March. Temps reached 20ish today. In March. And Tuesday will be 18C, Wednesday 19C and Thursday 17C. Unbelievable. Mind you, last year the hottest spell of the year was in April and summer was dreadful. I wonder whether this summer will be grim.... but I am not going to skip ahead yet. I am just enjoying today.
So, I was outside at an early hour, because there was no fog this morning and the sun was shining, and there were Things To Do, of course. Seeds to plant. Dahlias to plant. Pots to fill. Sigh. Bliss. It wasn't until Jean popped in that I realised that I hadn't even uttered a word aloud all day. I talked to myself a lot in my head, of course, but I was happy pottering about. Taking frequent very necessary rests under the apple tree. It was so hot. More washing out, drying rapidly in the sun. Bumble bees buzzing about. Ladybirds expanding their numbers. (I watered two over-amorous ones because I thought their love life had gone on long enough thankyouverymuch and they could go somewhere more private than under my nose if they chose to continue.)
My kitchen had seed envelopes piled all over the counters, and different piles for different times and places. And I loved the mess too. I loved opening the envelopes holding all the seeds I gathered last year. I loved seeing them in their thousands, just waiting to start growing again. Something so tiny which, in a short space of time, becomes something so big - it never ceases to fill me with wonder.

I also saw the first slug of the season, and slug pellets went on the shopping list immediately.
And now for the exciting outing of the day. To fill my car's petrol tank. The nation's petrol delivery drivers have voted to go on strike in the near future, and the army is training soldiers to drive the tankers to deliver fuel around the country if they do, but I felt that filling the car would be a good thing to do. It was not empty, but it still cost £60 to fill. SIXTY POUNDS. I think I need to find a donkey or something to take me out and about shopping. I can just see myself perched on the back of a donkey with baskets on either side full of veg and fruit. Hmmm. Poor donkey. (I just had an image of me rocking up at the gym for aqua classes on the back of a donkey, and nearly choked on my coffee...)

And on the way home, I stopped to visit a friend and see just how far ahead other people were in the seed planting / garden starting stakes. Considerably further ahead is the answer. Oh well. My plants and I will catch up. The coffee and conversation was good. Exercising one's vocal chords is actually a very good thing.

How bizarre.....I am sitting here in a fleece jacket, and I am and have been typing with both hands. My right hand is ice cold. My left hand is lovely and warm. I am not in the least bit cold. I just checked - my right arm is cold. My left all warm. Bizarre, as I said. And if anyone is thinking what just flashed through my mind, do not go there for a second because I do not want to know.
David got the official letter offering him a place at university to do his Masters in September, and he has accepted it. And started the application process for Post-grad accommodation etc etc etc. His course lasts a full calendar year, so he will be there for 12 months, and not the 9months most academic years seem to be.  He is SO excited about this, and I could not be more delighted for him. And it provides a degree of certainty for the foreseeable future, not to mention the opportunity to gain a qualification which is not all that common. AND one which totally fascinates him. That is the best part. He will be studying the thing he really WANTS to study.
So, the greenhouses are closed up, the moon is out - have you seen the moon??? And how close that planet is....I forget which one. It looks amazing.
 Oh. One thing I thought would amuse you all........ after my frenzied planting efforts, I carefully wrote out labels for the seeds and pots. And, to my shame, there are two huge pots with labels reading "can't remember" in them. For the life of me, I cannot begin to think what I have planted in them, but I know I did, because I watered in the seeds. I suspect there may be more "can't remember" labels going in tomorrow...... Forget the rewiring of the brain - I need to find out where my brain cells have migrated to before I start rewiring them.........


Chris said...

You have made me laugh out loud at work today! I can so relate to "can't remember" - except in my case I would have forgotten that I actually did the planting as well. I'd end up carefully tending weeds, not realizing that nary a seed went into the ground!

It has happened before...

Vee said...

You make me laugh. What a grand experiment it will be to plant the I-can't-remembers anyway!

I'm thrilled for your David doing the very thing he wants to do and being accepted.

My car is filled once a month and that is all. I go nowhere and do nothing if I can help it. Day in, day out, finds me right at home. Sad. There are times when I really do want to go do something. Good thing is that this is the final week of March so I can look forward to a full tank in April.

Crazy weather. Just take each day as it comes. We're going to have a hard freeze tonight after having had the temps you describe last week. Snow on Thursday. I almost can't bear it.

Crystal said...

It sounds like a great day! Your tulips are beautiful. My tomato seeds have sprouted and today I planted some herbs. We are hoping to get to +9 later this week which should make the snow melt. Enjoy the great weather for me too, please :)

MotherT said...

We were having lovely temps here in Central Ohio until Sunday when it started cooling off. At 8 a.m. it is 24F.

I told my hubby that in addition to the few flowers planted around our yard, I want to try some container gardening this year. Just planning a few veggies that I use the most.

You will have to keep us posted on the "don't know" plantings. Should be fun to see what they are.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

What lovely photos... And what a delightfully jam-packed-with-happenings post, this is. :-) Thank you for sharing it with us.

It was like Spring-time around *my neck of the woods,* for a week. And now it's back to typical March weather... Some rain, some sun, lots of blustery winds.

Ohhhh, *my neck of the woods* is in the northern part of the East Coast area of the US. Happy to make your acquaintance, my Dear.

Gentle hugs,