Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In which we talk about absolutely nothing........

I am fighting a losing battle to stay awake, people. I presented myself at aqua this morning, and as soon as I got home after an energetic hour, the overwhelming urge to fall asleep started growing rapidly. Staying power? What is that? I appear to have lost all of mine somewhere along the road.

2pm may have been  reasonable, but after 4pm is absolutely out of the question.

The same, by the way, could be said of my inspiration for blog posts. Gone too. I had made a few notes to remind myself of some topics but I cannot begin to remember the salient points of what I meant to say/discuss/prattle on about. One was "heavy silence". The other was "age in common house groups/small groups/etc etc". Neither is inspiring me at the moment, but who knows, the brain may well switch of the auxiliary generator which is operating at 10% right now, if the full mains power comes back on line.

One can but hope.

So. I have peeled the vegetables for the stir fry. I have not started the mountain of washing. I have not unloaded the dishwasher. I hit the "buy now" button at Amazon and used all but 3p of my gift voucher. One of the things I ordered was the DVD "Courageous". I have read a lot of good reports, and it has been sitting there on the wish list forever, but has just been released in the UK. So that will be good. I hope. Have any of you seen it?

All in all an extremely unproductive day. One of the books waiting to be read in the pile next to me is "Rewire your Brain". Hmmm. Maybe that should be the project for tonight. I can rewire brains. Of course I can. Let's hope it has speedy instructions.


Vee said...

Our DVD Courageous also sits waiting unopened. John received it for his birthday. We should have watched it last night when the airwaves were nothing but a vast wasteland. We'll compare notes, you and I, once we really have seen it.

Blogdom is so quiet that I'm pretty certain a collective zzzzzzzzzzzzz can be heard. Must be the spring-like weather in so many places, including here. Though we must wait for the snow to go and the ground to dry some before there's much that we can do.

I had a little nap myself this afternoon around 2. John always lies down for a power nap after lunch so I've taken up the habit. I don't find it quite so empowering as he does.

Don't worry, Linds. The muse shall return for us all.

Crystal said...

On Sunday our pastor preached on 'housecleaning' our lives during Lent. He reminded us that sometimes that means just sitting and looking around and being still to hear what God wants us to do. Maybe view this lull as resting in God, Linds. He will use you again when the time is right!

Thanks for the compliment on my blog - I'm not sure if I'll keep it. It seems like a lot right now - maybe it's just because it's a complete change. I'm gradually adjusting to daylight saving time - it definitely has made it feel like spring is here!!