Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coffee, Granny, Seedlings and Rugby......

The chat re the coffee had me thinking, you know, and in a real lightbulb moment, I remember my Granny. Now you need to know that Granny was a force to be reckoned with, and she was 93 when she died many years ago, and until she was 90ish, she was in full control of the universe  her faculties. When she was about 88, she read an article somewhere about butter being bad for you, so promptly stopped eating butter. After 88 healthy full of vim and vigour years. And then, when she was about 89, she read that coffee was bad for you, so stopped drinking coffee.

I mean .....really?? At 88 or 89, believe me, if I get to that age, I will be adding all the forbidden things to my menu on the grounds that it doesn't matter and who cares. I did point out to her that it seemed ridiculous after so many years of consuming coffee and butter, to suddenly stop. But it was written in black and white on the pages of the paper, therefore it was an absolute.

And I am reminded of myself. I hear a man say that coffee will slow the weight loss programme and decide to stop immediately. Even if the decision lasted 3 hours max. (She says, reaching for her coffee mug..) Some things one can change and some really don't matter. Coffee is one thing. (My own personal decision, so please do not supply any links re why it is bad. I will ignore the lot.)

On to other things. I have 10 sweetpea plants. A friend dropped them around, so I spent a happy half hour finding pots and putting them into fresh soil and into the greenhouse. It is way too early for me to have seedlings about, so I am going to see how they survive out there. They should done fine. And once April comes, I will get out my little baby greenhouse and then the seeds can be planted. I always want to start very early, and frankly, they just grow more slowly. They all end up flowering at the same time, so we are practicing patience this year. Hah. That may well go the same way as the coffee. Patience and I are not great pals.

Scotland is trying not to be at the very bottom of the pile in the 6 Nations Rugby competition as I speak. I am trying not to watch because they are not doing very well right now, and my Scottish friends will be entering a Great Period of Doom and Depression if they lose. Oops. They lost.

I just popped out to take a photo of the seedlings, and sprayed my roses. There are new leaves sprouting, and I was told by one gardener man that I need to spray them early to avoid blackspot. So I did. Just like early vaccinations for babies. Brace yourself, my friends - the garden talk is back , so I apologise for boring you in advance!
But right now, I am off to carry on making the newest ripple blanket - the one which reminds me of Scotland. It is growing. And the next of the 6 Nations is about to start - Wales vs France. The singing is always amazing when Wales plays at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. And it is happening right now.....


Needled Mom said...

My grandmother lived until almost 104. She loved to bake and had a monthly bill from the local town co-op. Her monthly butter bill was for 28# of butter each month!!!! That did not include the amount of cream that she used from their own cows. EVERYTHING we ate was creamed. Need I add that she was a fantastic cook?

Love the look of the newest ripple. The colors are spectacular.

Vee said...

God bless your Scottish friends. =D May they take it all in stride.

The discussion of your grandmother's decisions reminds me so much of my own grandmother's. The giving up of eggs and chocolate and coffee and bacon and on and on. Deliver me Lord, but give me temperance, too.

Hope the sweet peas thrive beautifully. Do let us know how the early spraying of roses works.

Anne said...

Don't you worry about boring me with the gardening talk, after the winter months I'm more than ready for some "blooming" conversation!

Kelli said...

That blanket is beautiful, and I think you nailed the colors. It looks like heather :)