Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Friends and surprises......

A new day. Wet and grey and windy but a new day. So, it was halfway through when I surfaced. Increasing one of the pills I take from 2 to 3 knocked me out cold at 8pm last night. I woke at 2 and was in bed very soon after that, and this morning it was after 10 when I crawled out of bed. Bear in mind that I am supposed to up the dose to 5 - FIVE!!!! and I will no doubt be spending 24 hours of each day snoozing. Not looking good for productivity, I have to say.

I didn't, quite obviously, go singing last night. I decided that it may just be a step to far, so I retired to the couch. Can you imagine the chaos if I had keeled over and fallen asleep in front of 107 singers? I am not a feather. There may have been a thunderous crash.

And now I am about to go back in the water again. I read that these wretched tablets usually cause a weight gain of 7-16lbs a year and I am totally NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN. Isn't it ironic that losing weight could help the stress on the knee, but defeating pain could make the weight pile on? Screech. I will have to come up with a cunning plan. I have no idea what it will be, but there will be a plan.

Right - I am off - I will be back later.

Much later......

 These are some beautiful flowers which my friend, Jackie brought round this afternoon and Julia was here too, trying to get me to tell her what needed doing around this place that she can help with. My friends have been stars. And I am very thankful indeed.

And then, there is this........
 SOMEONE....... I have a suspicion who it may be....... sent me this BEAUTIFUL bag, which arrived as a mystery parcel this morning. I tried sleuthing about to see who it was from but hit a brick wall. I have, however, sent a message to a person a long way away who may well be the one who sent it to me. I cannot begin to tell you how much it filled me with delight, and excitement. Thank you SO SO much!! Totally unnecessary, unexpected and yet, just perfect at the same time.
And here are the girls - Glynis and Jean, heading in to aqua. I was trailing behind. It was tough today, people. Our teacher is a slave driver. But I love it. And after aqua, Glynis came back here to do an Indian head massage for me, which was wonderful. She was really worried about making things worse, but it was good. At the same time, the repairman for my phone line was cleaning copper wires outside, and good grief, I did a speed test when he had finished and we had plummeted to the all time low of 1.66mb/s, and he tells me I should call , you guessed it, India again and get them to sort it out. I do not know if I have the strength.

So, I have had a busy afternoon. Tomorrow starts early with aqua again. I may just need to put the alarm on, because I could well miss it and snooze on. In fact, I may need to put a few alarms on, now I come to think about it.

It has been a good day.


Needled Mom said...

I can't imagine gaining that much weight with the pills. It's almost as if the treatment is worse that the ailment.

Love your new tote! You will enjoy that one. What is an Indian head massage?

I have to call my cable people too and I just HATE it.

Vee said...

Oh bless the giver who sent you that sweet bag! Do not call India. Added stress is no good right now.