Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue skies and SUN!!!!!

Oh, what a beautiful day it is today! After the thick fog of the early morning, the sun has come out, the skies are blue, and I have spent a few hours just sitting under my apple tree doing nothing. Relaxing. Smiling. Listening to the birds tweeting in the trees. Then a lunch of cheeses and a warm bread roll and onion marmalade (like chutney) and more coffee  out there and the world was just fine. My world.

Today, Geoff would have been 69. 69. I can't even begin to imagine him being 69. Crazy. Mind you, he was always very much younger than his age, you know. He was fit and well and full of energy, and doing stuff. I suspect he would still have been working, down on the allotment, fixing things. 69? And how did I come to be staring down the barrel of my 60s too? Well, not quite yet, but not far off. I will be 58 this year. WHAT?? HOW did that happen???

When I consider that the PM is in his early 40s, and every policeman looks about 12, and the pundits on TV all seem to be in their 20s, and doctors are my friends' children - THEN I realise that my generation is becoming the older generation. Wow. How did THAT happen???
Blue skies and washing out drying in the sun
I had a letter this week telling me that I would only be getting my state pension when I am almost 66. I should have been getting it when I turn 60 in 2014. But things have changed and women now have to work till they are 66 or something. This is not great when you have friends who got their state pensions when they turned 60. I happen to have been born in the worst possible year. I lose out the most. Sigh. 2012 is 8 years away, people. 8 years is a long time. AND that means all the benefits of being over pensionable age shift too - like free medicines, heating allowances, bus passes etc. Not that I am known to use the bus but who knows, I could have been off on the double decker exploring the world.

Sunlight in the kitchen - and that purple book? The gratitude journal.....
Today is beautiful. And there is so much I have added to my gratitude journal. My pen kept flying over the pages and more and more things popped up in my mind. This is what being mindful is all about, you see. Focusing on the small stuff and being thankful for everything.
I am going to add a link or 2 today, because there is some amazing stuff out there on Ye Olde Internet right now.

  • Amy has written a wonderful post entitled "Confessions from a Recovering Pride Addict". I urge you all to pop over and read it.  
  • Anne has written about her "Lightbulb" moment - and there is a great deal of truth in what she says.
  • Bev wrote a post called "Jesus didn't jog" - another great read.
The first tulip is out!
 Even though the blog world seems rather quiet at the moment, there are some amazing ladies out there writing great things. Have you got any great links to put up too? I would love to know what you are finding interesting. New books are coming out all the time - written by bloggers I have followed/been friends with  for years. SO exciting!

The increased meds make me very tired, and a little woozy, so my cottonwool brain and I will be checking out for now. There is no option but to close the eyes and rest, believe me. This does not suit at all, but hey, it has to be done. Be good, now - and enjoy your day. I will be back tomorrow.


Vee said...

Now nothing beats sitting out in the garden soaking up the rays and listening to birdsong. And since nothing beats that, I won't even suggest that you visit me today. Perhaps tomorrow. Though if you would ever like a taste of humor from my corner than today would be the day to visit. About the pension? Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord. He's your source!

Vee said...

then today...some days, I think before I write.

Anne said...

Snap! I've been doing pretty much the same and enjoying every minute, despite this flaming cold!

Donnetta said...

Hoping the sun you are getting will find it's way on over here as we have been cold and rainy for days now.

Thoughts and hugs coming your way as you remember Geoff, especially today!

You're right, where does the time go?....

Thanks for the links. Always up for a good read.