Friday, March 23, 2012


Today? Today I am happy. Really happy. Let me tell you why......

  • It is my daughter-in-law's birthday today
  • In fact 2 of my friends also have birthdays today - Simon and Martyn. One in the village and one in Scotland. Happy Birthday to you all!
  • David has heard that he has a confirmed place at university in September to do a Master's in Forensic Osteology! Yay, David!!!!!! I am so thrilled it is sorted and you know you will be going to Bournemouth soon. 
  • The sun is shining
  • The washing is out there drying
  • The camellia has started flowering and soon it will be covered with blooms, but here are some photos of it now
  • I have planted the potatoes
  • I have filled 5 pots with fresh soil
  • I have started hacking back a choisya bush I want out of the garden
  • The phone bill which arrived today was less than I feared and it is already paid because I hate bills!
  • I have received my new blue (disability) parking badge with no fuss or bother
  • I also got a huge parcel from New Zealand, from my friend, Linds - photos of her daughter's wedding, a transcript of the service, menus the lot. I cannot tell you how I loved reading it all and seeing everything. I wish I had been there too. But I sat under the apple tree and savoured the whole thing. Lovely. 
  • I have coffee. 
So, after doing a new aqua class this morning, which was not quite what I expected - there was no teacher, so an aerobics instructor came and attempted it, but she had never done aquarobics before, so it was a bit of a disaster, I came home to flop. At least I did some exercise in water and that was good. Then I opened the doors to the garden and I have been out there all afternoon, although there has also been a great deal of sitting under the apple tree as well. Pacing, you see, I am doing it. well, actually, I have no choice. But still, the grin is still in place and the fresh air lifts the spirit, doesn't it? I think the weekend is set to be beautiful so I foresee more time out there. 


Not only am I happy today, but I am also immensely thankful for everything up there on the list. Every single thing - they are in my gratitude journal and there are so many more things I could add as well. All the small things add up to a very blessed life, you know. And I am so thankful. 
Potatoes in pots. Please ignore the washing!
So that has been my day today........ I so hope you have something to make you happy today, and to bring out your smile. Let me know????


Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Now that sounds more like it Linds - I'm SO pleased you had a better day!!!

Vee said...

What a lot accomplished. I had to look up what David will be studying...ohhhh myyyy...very interesting...a little, a lot...but somebody's got to do it and if David is interested, it sounds as if it would be interesting work.

Then I had to look up choisya. Invasive little bugger, takes over the world sort of plant? You're going to get rid of it get rid of it or just trim it way back?

I am very happy today. Happier than I might have imagined as the cooler temps agree with me as do the vivid blue skies and bright sunshine. The wind is howling, though. I'll not be working outside as I had thought.

Instead I am dreaming of hosting breakfast in the morning and making Paska and eating Paska and being glad that we, in the northern hemisphere, have all come through another winter.

Isabelle said...

I'm very glad you're happy. I'm... not really. But we can't always be happy - though in fact you seem to manage to be so through sheer force of will. You are lovely.

Kelli said...

hallelujah, amen for David!! I am so, so excited o---------------------------------

BrittArnhild said...

Beautiful post and beautiful camelias Linds :-)