Thursday, January 24, 2013

An afternoon at the movies.......

Today, we decided to make our annual trip to the movies. (This is the royal "we" speaking!) Yes, you read that right. I seem to average one movie a year. The Artist last year, and The King's Speech the year before. It is sad, isn't it. I need to gear up the going to movies idea somewhat, I know. It was a spur of the moment decision. A reward for all 3 of us  being present and correct at aquazumba this morning, and for surviving the class. Mum was the exception. She does not do aquazumba, although she would probably be better at it than I am.

Anyway, we all wanted to see Les Miserables, so Mum, Jean, Glynis and I set off over hill and dale to a nearby town to see it. You can tell how out of practice we all are, because we didn't know that the doors only open 10 minutes before the show, so we had to hang around outside for a while in the snow/ice. Yes, it is still here. And if I said there were 20 people in the theatre, it would be an exaggeration. Interestingly, the movie theatre we went to is just around the corner from Boughton House, where part of Les Mis was filmed. Here is a report about that. I didn't know.

I have seen the stage show in London, and it was one of the best productions I have ever seen. I loved it. I cried. I still rate it up there at the top of the list of shows I have seen. So I was a little wary of what to expect in the movie, and I have read some mixed reviews, but Oh. My. Word. It is sensational. The music, the acting, the tears, the beauty. And by the end, just as I thought I was doing OK, the tears were flowing like a river.

Every one of us left, drained, and overwhelmed, and if a movie can do that to me, it has to be outstanding. So, if you haven't seen it yet, go now. If you don't know the story, it may help to read a synopsis first, and it won't spoil the experience at all.

I also saw the trailer for Lincoln. It looks good. That opens this weekend, I think. You see, I make a list of movies I think of seeing, and then I tend to wait to buy the DVD, because it is a hassle to organise an outing, and I haven't thought much about going alone. Mind you, there is no reason at all why I couldn't go alone, of course. Memo to self: You are all grown up. So go.

The fields between there and here are still completely white. There is supposed to be a thaw this weekend, so with some luck, the ice will vacate the premises. It is treacherous out. Thank heavens for sticks with the rubber casing removed, to have stability in the snow and ice. A bonus is that walking at night is easy - the white snow makes visibility great. Jenny and I were making our way across the Rec tonight after house group and we had absolutely no problem seeing where we were going, which is unusual. In an effort to save money, the council has switched off every second street light. That may be a perfectly reasonable idea in summer but in the depths of winter it is insanity. So the snow has a useful spin off!

Right, people - I need to sleep. Go and book tickets to see Les Mis if you haven't yet. You won't be sorry.


Anonymous said...

I love to watch DVD's at home but for me, there's nothing like going to see something on the big screen.

And Les Miserables is definitely one of those you absolutely have to watch at least once on the big screen!

I remember several years ago I was at the cinema with my daughter and the film previews came on. A very small tv screen on the big screen was showing "Star Wars" and the soundtrack said, "For most of you here today, this is how you have seen Star Wars, now 25 years later, it's back!
And onto the big screen it burst!
I actually burst into tears! My daughter was so embarrassed but as a huge Star Wars fan,I just couldn't help it!
And of course I went to see them all over again on the big screen!

Vee said...

Why do so many good movies come out at once? I want to see three: this one, Lincoln, and The Hobbit. Have you seen the you tube video of the parents who went to see Les Mis with their son and he secretly recorded them? It is too funny, but that is when John decided he would not be going so I will be on my own.

Sandra said...

Lincoln is FANTASTIC.

Now I'm going to say something that I hope won't shock you lol But I really dislike musicals so I have never seen Les Miserable and am feeling quite left out now because everyone is talking about it so much, but I just can't bring myself to watch it LOL

Needled Mom said...

I have heard that it is great! Lincoln is suppose to be another good one.

Isabelle said...

I normally love musicals but I HATED the stage show. I'd read the book years before but assumed that they'd somehow happify the story for the musical. But they didn't. I also wept all the way through but didn't find this pleasant at all! So I'm definitely not going to the film. The music is good and it's very powerful but I like happy musicals.

Glad you liked it, though.