Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Fireplace warmth......


My DVD of the fire has arrived, and Mother and I have been sitting in front of the TV watching the flames flicker and we love it. And the crackles and hisses and sparks just add to the whole Fire Experience. I swear you do feel warmer. Actually, I think that it relaxes you beautifully and so you don't feel all tense and therefore you get warmer. Or something.


It works! I can watch a fireplace in my lounge without having spent all the money to get a real one. For now. Genius, Vee!! And thank you, David (for the Amazon voucher) - I love my Christmas present!

It is wet outside, and decidedly chilly. My diagnosis of ignition coil failure in my old car was spot on. Bob, my mechanic angel, arrived early and he and I both knew what was wrong. And we only had to try 2 before we found the one which had died. I do not wish to have this exceptional car engine diagnostic skill. And he did ask, in pointed fashion, when I thought I would be getting something new(er). It is coming to that sort of time, I fear. But it goes! And that horrible little engine warning light which means STOP!! is no longer flashing at me in that annoying way.

So the daughter headed out to wander round some shops, and Mother and I sat in front of my fire.

I may be mentioning the fire quite frequently.

Heaven help us all the day I do get a real fire. I may never stop talking about it. I may even have to call the blog Reflections from the Fireside or something similar.

I love fires.

One can safely say that the fire is bringing a huge amount of joy into my day.

The delight was rudely disrupted by Diana screeching "Mouse! Mouse! HUGE MOUSE!!! GIANT MOUSE! RAT!! RAT!!" at the top of her voice. She was standing at the kitchen window when she saw something large and grey and rat like just outside on my potting table. It took off, of course, followed by David and me. I was brandishing an umbrella. My weapon of choice. It had vanished. But, armed with industrial strength rat killer, I gingerly opened the shed door and poured a copious amount onto a dish and slammed the door. I then, aided by David, piled even more into the nooks and crannies of the garden and under the potting table. If it shows up and dines, it will die. Excellent.

And then I had to call my friend in Scotland back on the phone, because I was talking to her when the daughter started screeching, and I slammed the phone down to go and investigate the rodent. My friend may have thought we were being attacked by some ferocious animals.

You may remember that I loathe rodents. I am not sure that rats have any decent reason for being alive, personally. I may be wrong. But I can't come up with any valid reason for them to exist, so I will use all means necessary to dispatch this one. And any relatives which may or may not be accompanying it.

I like to be thorough.

On a totally different note - your comments and messages have been so fantastic, and they have left me feeling all glowing and embarrassed, but thank you all so much. You are so kind. And it means a huge amount to me. I am just one woman making her way through the minefields of life. Isn't it funny how our lives take such amazingly complicated twists and turns at times? I am willing to bet that none of us anticipated the way things have worked out over the years. Each choice we have made, or made as families, couples, etc, has set us off on an even more unique path. Maze.

I seem to specialise in the intricate twirly swirly kind. Think Christmas tree lights before they are untangled. All I can say is that the path is interesting. The scenery different. No time to get bored. And you are all very welcome to hop aboard and join me on it. (I suddenly have this picture of a mobility scooter with 20 of us piled on top of each other.)(I have no intention of getting a mobility scooter so I have no idea where that came from.)


I think I should go and check the rat poison levels.....................


Vee said...

=) I was pretty sure you'd love it, but not so certain that I didn't come running over just to be sure. It looks very nice and, well, warm. The crackling, snapping, and hissing is just the right touch, too. Glad that you also like that. So of an evening, there you can sit and enjoy the fire while you have conversation and enjoy something hot to drink. Sigh.

I do really like the wood pellet you have those there? They are very economical, except the set-up, and they can also be labor intensive, though probably well worth it when it's paid for itself in a year. The price of oil...ackkk!

Rats. You get'em! I can't think of any reason for a rat to exist either.

A lovely day to you...

Needled Mom said...

The fire looks so real!!! I am sure you will love it all winter long.

I hate rats too. We use those electronic zappers on them. They go in, get electrocuted and die. Then we just dump them touching.

Susan said...

Reading your blog is a habit I intend to continue in the New Year :-)

I'm very glad that the rodent made his appearance while you had moral support and the back up of your family. Let's hope he's history.

I think the fireplace is awesome! I have even heard of candles that have special wicks that smell like Fireplaces and that they crackle a little as they burn. I have not seen one in person or tried one out but the next time I'm in the States I intend to investigate further. Lord knows what that would cost here in Zurich.

MotherT said...

One of my friends has the DVD of the fireplace, also. Her son was able to link her stereo system to the tv so she can have music playing in the background while the fire crackles & pops.

MotherT said...

Oh, I have a Rat Terrier, so I NEVER have issues with mice, rats, skunks, possums, or squirrels. Sparky thinks these were left on earth for his killing pleasure!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Happy new year Linds.....and I totally get your fire thing - it looks great doesn't it!!

Susan said...

Me again - I just noticed that today Pioneer Woman is talking about the Candles I was describing! :-)

Anne said...

I LOVE the fire! I;m going to Amazon to see if I can get one too!

Isabelle said...

I've just been reading your 2013 posts and, Linds, you are so lovely. I wish I could manage to be so positive. But I'm so glad that you are. It makes me feel better.

Your fire, though... looks a little alarming, as if your staircase were about to go up in flames...!

Vee said...

OH...candles that smell like fire. John will positively have to take to spending time in the front room if I go that route. Off to look that up just as soon as I comment on your food post, which has also made me hungry. I am highly suggestible, but then so are you!