Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wherein I make some candles........

I have avoided the editing today. Cabin fever struck and I had to get out of the house, so we went to town, and the snow started falling again as we got back home. Coffee out does wonders for the mood, believe me. Coffee and a fruit scone does even more wonders.

Anyway, once we got home, I decided to make some candles. I have been keeping all the wax left in my wonderful scented candle cups, scraping it into a big plant pot. I found an old cooking pot which had passed its sell by date, and today was the day.


Into it went all the old wax, on a very low heat, to melt together.

And in the old candle holders, I popped a wick, which I held straight by clamping it with a clothes peg. We are all hi-tech around here. I found these on sale in Switzerland ages ago, and it is just as well I tidied the craft/sewing room, because they were exactly where I last left them. A miracle. 



High tech pegs.They do the job well. 


 And once the wax was all melted, I poured it into the candle cups and they are setting as I speak



 Well, actually, I also spilled a lot on the paper I had placed for that VERY eventuality! Things do not always go exactly according to plan.


And now I am grinning and patting myself on the back. I have no idea how long they will take to set, but job done. I hate throwing things away. The wonderful scented candles I love having in the house stop burning long before the wax is gone, and it seemed such a shame to throw any out. By the way, I didn't know that the wax shrank or contracted quite a bit when it set. Interesting. 


LOOK!!! My new candle! It is still setting, but I am so pleased with them all. I will peel off the spillage bits when they are completely set tomorrow, but I love them. And the house still smells wonderful. 

Aquazumba in the morning come rain, hail or snow. I need to work off the bread and butter pudding, which was superb. Using the panettone was a stroke of genius from Jean. It was fabulous. Mother and I ate the lot. Groan. But. I will be doubly energetic in the pool in the morning. 

I promise. 


Isabelle said...

I went to Zumba today. I'll think about you in the water tomorrow. I'll try not to feel smug...

Anne said...

I've got lots of bits of candles but I've never been able to find the wicks to make my own. Any ideas?

Vee said...

Oh good...glad that you enjoyed the bread pudding. I used to do what you've done. Wonder why I don't bother anymore? I should be frugal again. The candles look lovely and, when you figure how much they'd cost if you bought them new, you've saved yourself a pretty penny.

Stripeyspots said...

What a good idea!!! I'm off to look for candlewicks.

jan said...

I have done this several times, though not lately. When we lived in the travel trailer, we didn't burn candles, and I haven't accumulated enough wax recently. It's a lot of fun, and I love recycling all that sweet smelling wax.
I need to get back to water arobics, but just can't seem to summon the energy.

Susan said...

This is wonderful! You have inspired me!

Why IS it that the candles don't melt properly and leave behind so much wax? At any rate, I am going to begin to salvage the excess. I may not have enough til next winter! But I'm going to try :-)

Kelli said...

Fabulous!! We love to burn candles during dialysis- soothing and yummy smelling. Just the thing to make a yucky thing a bit more tolerable.
Proud of you my friend! You done good ☺

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

The candles look absolutely brilliant Linds! Excellent recycling!!

Cait O'Connor said...

You brought back memories, I used to make candles years ago.