Monday, January 14, 2013


It is 4pm on a cold Monday afternoon, and it feels like Friday. I am ready for a weekend. Preferably somewhere exotic and beautiful. And warm.


I have been writing every day, and then I sort of get distracted, delete it all, walk away to think, forget, pace, cook, pace, rinse and repeat. My daughter has just landed safely in Switzerland. Well, the plane has, and I am assuming the daughter is now whizzing through the airport en route to the trains. Or maybe she is sitting somewhere having something warm to drink, because she is going to probably have some time to kill before she gets to Engelberg. Where it is snowing.

I wouldn't mind being there too.


So today has been a snow day here as well. We woke to snow, and, more importantly, discovered that the roads to the airport were gridlocked in places, so we opted for the train instead, and Mum and I dropped Diana at the station with her bags, and tootled off to Podington Garden Centre, in the snow, to have a coffee. We were out, you see, and it made sense. And when I parked - the only car in the huge area for customers, I realised that my wallet was at home.  So, after checking that mother was armed with real money,. we wandered in and ordered freshly baked scones (they were still in the oven and smelled divine) and coffee. It was wonderful.

The snow started again, with a vengeance, as we were leaving, and didn't stop until 3 this afternoon, and now it is melting away. There may be ice to contend with later, but I am not going anywhere, so that is fine.


Now. Let me remind you that the registration for the inRL conference opened today. You can register from anywhere in the world, and it is FREE!!!. Just go HERE and sign up! It should be wonderful.


I have been taking photos of melting snow. Did I mention that? I am waiting for my fingers to thaw here. I left the gloves off to take the photos. I tend to drop things when I can't feel them properly.


Anyway. I am all over the place today, and Diana is on the train. So now I am going to cook some dinner and do nothign for the rest of the day. Nothing. I need to get the head under control and the mind in place. The clouds are back, and the snow may be returning. I love the snow. Did I say that? Probably.  

Stay warm, people, and I hope your snow boots don't develop a gaping hole in them like mine did. I think I need to hunt for the rubber cement which I know is hiding somewhere in this house. I tried superglue but that didn't work. I will Make A Plan. 


Vee said...

Of that I have no doubt...that you will make a plan.:D Even I am ready for some snow...this fog is not working for me.

Scones and coffee...that does sound lovely and getting your mum to pay...clever!

Crystal said...

I wish our snow would melt as quickly as yours - and show the pansies again! There is no hope of that here for months and months yet. It's snowing here and I have to go out and do some tax errands (so not a favourite job of mine!). I'd rather be holed up with my sewing machine and my scrapbooking. But your mention of scones has made me consider using my food processor to make some - now I have a plan! And then I can eat one (or two) while going to the accountant's :) Enjoy the nothing part of your evening.

Anne said...

I'm enjoying doing nothing except being warmly wrapped up, catching up with everyone in Blogland!

Susan said...

lovely photos! Especially the little tiny pansies, not sure what the actual name is -- they are sweet with the edging of snow.

I'm glad your daughter gets to go to Engelberg - it must be beautiful there now.