Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday's chat which I forgot to post......

Thursdays are busy days around here. That means they are also long days. Or that is what I think, anyway. My aquazumba class starts at 9.15, so I have to get up early to get ready and gather my wits, and early starts and Linds don't go together very well. It takes a while to get moving, you see, and then it is usually slug like. And today I was collecting the girls, so I had to be up really early.

Anyway, now that we have established that I did in fact arise early today, on to the gym. We had a couple of new dances to try out in the water. One seemed very slow and simple, but ye gods, by the time it ended, we were wallowing in that water on legs which closely resembled overcooked noodles. I have a funny feeling we will all be hobbling about like geriatrics in the morning.

And so on home, where I was relaxing while regaling my mother and daughter with stories from the pool when the Royal Mail truck arrived on the doorstep and my daughter deposited a very large parcel on my lap. Hah. That was the huge folder from the lawyers in preparation for our meeting on Wednesday with lawyers, barristers, experts etc etc. I am trying to ignore the fact that Wednesday will roll around all too soon. And I need to be back in warrior mode by then. I also need to take a packed lunch or something with me, because the file is big and thick, and the last time, the meeting started at 11, and so help me, did not break until approaching 5pm.  By then, with just 2 cups of coffee and a dry biscuit inside me, I was ready to start gnawing on the table leg in the very impressive conference room.

I may even take it wrapped in a red check cloth and unfold the whole thing.

They will think I am a country bumpkin

They would be right.

I am beyond the worries of status and appearance which London seems to require. Home-made scones, anyone??? I suspect they would all be salivating.

Back to today. Diana departed for London for a few days, and after dropping her at the station, Mum and I went into town to pay some bills. And later, I went around to Glynis's house for a head massage - my real treat of the week. I can't tell you how amazing it is to completely relax. For me to completely relax takes some doing, and Glynis is very good at this. Thank God. Heaven sent. I nearly went to sleep.

In a while,. I am off to housegroup. That will be lovely. One of the girls who comes popped in this afternoon, for the first time, and perched on the chair in my kitchen and watched as I chopped the veg for a stirfry,. while eating my Christmas cake and drinking coffee. In this house, you get to perch, but popping in is definitely encouraged. I love having unexpected visitors! Right. I had better go and brush my hair.


Vee said...

Will Diana be going with you to the meeting? Do you have some sort of support there? I hope so. If not, please know that you have my virtual, cyber sort of support. And I'm praying.

You gals are my inspiration, truly. What you do for your health is amazing. Good for you!

And when I grow up, I do wish to be more like who adores pop-ins or pop-bys or unexpected guests. =D

Kelli said...

Wednesday. It seems like more than just the few years (in the scheme of things) since this whole nonsense started and you know how much I want for this to be over for you. Done.

There is not more to say that we have not already said about this, except that I love you. And I will be that little faery on your shoulder Wednesday, whispering encouragement into your ear to get you through.

Love you.