Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas is packed away......


And so Christmas is all packed away for another year, and somehow, the emptiness seems greater this year. Packing away the symbols of the celebration of His birth. Tree down. Decorations down. Walls, shelves, piano, doors, all stripped of their bright and beautiful adornments. Do you feel a sadness at this time? Does your home seem bare and empty too? You know, I can't even remember what goes where, and I don't know if I want to replicate what was before. It isn't now. So maybe I want it all to change. Maybe I need some weeks of thinking about it. Or even maybe I could start the decorating. Maybe.

But then, maybe not. I run away with myself at times, and the very last thing I need to be doing right now is unleashing the decorating fiends. It won't stop at one room. I just know. And before I know it I will be living in chaos once again. 2013 is not going to start in chaos.

The attic is now so full that it is impossible to get into it without first removing 34970590237 boxes. The little snag here is that all the Easter/Spring decorations are BEHIND the Christmas boxes. But I have nearly 2 months to contemplate the emptying and rejigging of the attic. And the lining up of the seasons in order. I am so full of good intentions, but seriously, yesterday all that mattered was that the whole lot was out of my kitchen.


And now the house is like a blank page - bare, and I am looking at my new diary, full of blank pages and I am wondering what 2013 has in store. And so help me, the head seems to be full of blank pages right now as well and all I can think of are the boring "to do" things. Exact dates and times and deadlines and barristers and see? I just scribbled with black ink all over the list, because they are not vital in this second. Not today. And I have bread rolls heating through in the oven and eggs waiting to be mashed, and there is joy in that aroma of baking bread.

One day, I will get all my words of the years written into little bars like dog-tags of gold or silver and I will wear them all around my neck on a chain., I will never lose sight of what they are, will I? I think I am also going to put the word in the car somewhere, so I am always reminded, and in the kitchen too. It must be everywhere, because I want to live it out, get into the habit, and carry the meaning with me all the rest of my days.

And the memory being what it is, it needs as much help as I can muster!

I have booked for my aqua classes this week - I am finally easing myself into gear and trying to get a routine established. Not that easy, I can tell you. 


My daughter did the cooking yesterday, and introduced Granny to enchiladas. Granny (and Mum) loved them!


Absolutely delicious. There are definite bonuses in having one's daughter in residence!

And now it could be time for a little snooze perhaps. I am tired. I may have done a bit much. Maybe about 3000% too much. Ah, I have a book. I have some wool. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Needled Mom said...

I'm always a bit sad to see the house "un-Christmased" too. I always wonder what the year ahead will be like before the decorations go up again.

The enchiladas look wonderful. It is nice to have a cook in residence ;-)

Sandra said...

I love the holidays but I always look forward to putting it all away and getting my house back. Even though it does look a little bare.

Love enchiladas, and those look great :)

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

I actually love the emptiness and lack of clutter when the decorations get put away!
Hope you have a really good year this year Linds!!

Vee said...

Having just taken a picture that looks a great deal like your first one, I know what you're saying. Schlep, schlep, schlep. And thanks for the reminder to have the "autumn" box out first. Oh and Christmas is not done for this year, it's only done until later this year. Subtle difference, though very significant.

Enchiladas...Oh I learned to make those while living in Arizona. My darling is not nearly as fond of them as I am so I don't get them quite as often as I once did. Yummy for sure!

I do not like empty. It does nothing for my soul, but I will not hurry to fill it up. It will come of its own accord.

Isn't it lovely that we actually notice when Christmas things are packed away when all of a sudden the entire world goes back to what it used to be doing. That part is not lovely, but the fact that we FEEL it is.

Love to you and your girl and your mum and all who are there in your corner...

Anonymous said...

Your home still looks lovely, even without the special decorations.

I think the most special "decorations" are the people in it and they look lovely!

Isabelle said...

Lovely that you still have Diana with you.