Friday, January 18, 2013

It is going to be a white weekend......


It is snowing. This is England, so you will no doubt be hearing a lot about snow because the country grinds to a halt, much to the amusement of our neighbours on the other side of the Channel. We usually run out of grit and salt, very few people have winter tyres on cars, there are nowhere near enough snowploughs, the trains stop because it is the wrong kind of snow and school and universities shut immediately, for fear of little darlings falling and denting themselves (therefore triggering legal whatsits and all the rest. Health and Safety.) Oh, and if farmers offer to help clear roads, they are turned down. Health and Safety again. Insurance.


So, like all sensible people, I have been at home most of the day. The crockpot is bubbling away, and I have just baked this Pear Brunch Cake thanks to my friend Kelli, who sent me the link. She clearly thinks my hips can continue to expand. She is sadly mistaken.  It is such an easy recipe and it smells divine - it is just out of the oven so I have yet to taste it, of course. Restraint and all that.


I keep looking at the snow which keeps falling. You can tell I live in the UK can't you?? I am waiting for it to stop so I can go and take some photos. I am also amusing myself as I say that, because in Switzerland, I wouldn't DREAM of waiting for the snow to stop - I would be out there in it. Hmmm. I may have to put on the layers and venture out with the stick and camera.


Anyway, seriously, though, the absence of any salt or grit on our roads, no 4-wheel drive and no winter tyres  makes driving in snow and on ice treacherous, especially around hills. I just watched my neighbour attempt to reverse into his drive and there is no traction at all, so he is parked right across the pavement (sidewalk) (aren't you glad I translate here at RCR???) although you can't distinguish between the road and the pavement when they are under loads of snow.


Please be impressed at the lengths I go to to take a photo or two. And please note the pink fluffy socks. They are now wet. My snowboots have a gaping hole in the bottom. I do believe they need to be tossed out, but, when they are dry, they are so warm. And comfortable. 

I ate the slice of cake - delicious. I think it will be even more delicious with some hot custard poured over it. Hot custard would also help to thaw the feet. 

The snow continues to fall.............


Tigger said...

If only it wasn't snowing....I'd come and help you eat that gorgeous looking cake ! Hope you thawed out from the other day out before getting cold again and having to re-thaw ? Piccies do look fab.

Chris said...

When we were too poor to afford new snow boots, Mom used to have us stick our feet in plastic bags and then the boots for protection.

It's amazing what thrift can imagine!

Linda said...

We are equally unable to deal with the very rare snowfall here in Texas. Life quite literally grinds to screeching halt.

Kelli said...

So, it was yummy?! Hurray!! With my birthday coming up, I have the right to ask my daughter to cook anything I want (she already has the recipe for my birthday cake. One I have loved since I was about 7). I do believe that I will now have her make this for breakfast!

What a day it is turning out to be. I shall get an extra few inches around the middle for my special day... I would have it no other way. hehe.

The pictures are so pretty. I just love the ones you take. Always such an unusual perspective and all.

Since I am obviously determined to help you with your hip size, I think I will send you my Strawberry Cake recipe now ☺ I want you to keep you happily inside and warm, and provide lots of reasons for folks to come by and pop in for a chat and tea. And yummies ♥

Have a super day, my precious friend. After this week and all, you have a right to a few extra calories of comfort.

Anonymous said...

That cake does look fab!

Why is it that, even when we know it's coming, some parts of the country are just not prepared?

I must admit we do seem to be coping up here at the moment, our bus routes and main roads are clear but I'm still staying pretty close to home.

I'm not a snow lover, I'm afraid!

Susan said...

Hi Linds, I like your photos - we've had a little bit snow here in Zurich, but really it's not much compared to what you have.

The cake sounds wonderful. I always feel more like baking when the weather is chilly and snowy outside.

Stay inside where it's warm by your "fire" :-) And enjoy your weekend.