Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowy countryside.......


I live near the edge of the village, so this morning, my camera, stick and I went along the road to take a few photos of the countryside. The white countryside. The annual snowy Mill Lane photos.


The horses seemed quite happy out there in the field - they spent most of the time I was watching them grouped around the hay bales!


The snow deadens the sound, and there were not many cars around early. Right now, however, most of the village appears to be congregating on the hill on the other side of the village for tobogganing. My kids used to love that. It would have been even better had the sun been shining, but there is no sign of it, and more snow is expected. At least this will be a weekend outdoors for all the children!



By some standards, like my sister's, this will be a minute amount of snow. For us, though, it is so exciting. I love walking on snow. Not ice. Snow. Crunchy snow. I have given Jean one of my sticks to use when she is out. She walked over to visit late this morning, and stayed for lunch. It was a carbo-loading kind of meal - open toasted cheese and pear cake to follow. But it was all hot and it is that kind of day and we needed to warm our innards. Of course. I will now eat a clementine to balance it out,. Don't forget the pear in the cake.

I think I want to go and start something. No idea what. Something. I may pick up the crochet hook, if there is any wool left in the stash. Did I mention that Granny is finishing a beautiful blanket every week? We are taking them to the shelter for the homeless nearby, and they are so very grateful for them all. They are stunning. But I need to grab some wool before her blankets eat it all up.

Keep warm, everyone, and have a lovely weekend!


Needled Mom said...

I think I am VERY glad that we were there for that one sunny day back on January 9th!!!! It is beautiful though. We have been hearing all about the snowmagedden that was heading your way.

When will you hear anything about your visit to London?

Vee said...

A lovely gray day after the snow...

We had a couple of inches overnight and it's just enough to cover and clean the former snowfall.

What fun you gals are going to have shopping for new wool soon! =D

I'm wondering what you'll choose for a project. Mine should be cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.