Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where is the restart button............

If I say that this week so far has included medical issues, a funeral, bill paying, wild weather, failure to remember to switch on crockpots, cancelling aquazumba and a dash to town to acquire thermal vests, you will come to the very apt conclusion that it could be better.

You would be right.

It is only Tuesday, for heaven's sake. Can we start over?

And the vests are not for me.

Although I did see some very nice bright blue ones. Once I win the lotto, I may invest in one. 

I am very weary today. I am also hungry. It is 1pm and I have not eaten a thing. I forgot. I do not want to know that the head of Barclays Bank is in line for a million £ bonus. Am I the only one who really does not understand how the banks can destroy our economies, and we have to pay the price, and they somehow keep rolling in wealth? They lost me somewhere along the line. (Mother has just informed me of that little nugget of info. She loves watching the news.)

Oy, I sound like a grumpy old woman. Maybe I should go and unearth a ball of wool and make another a blanket. The word for the year here is JOY, remember.


Joy is discovering that your cousin is granny to two little ones, born to two of her daughters around the same time. 
Joy is hot coffee and cheese on toast for lunch.
Joy is getting no new bills in the post.
Joy is having a pile of books waiting to be read. 
Joy is smelling the crockpot doing its thing, seeing that I actually switched it on today.
Joy is knowing that Jean is going to drop by with a fresh loaf of bread later.
Joy is warmth, and a soft bed, and words..............

David spent yesterday at a simulated plane crash in absolutely wild weather, being a real life CSI complete with white suits and masks. Looking for bodies and evidence. He had a ball, and got absolutely drenched. All of a sudden, his studies are taking on the real life aspect, and it is so exciting to hear him talk about it all. Bodies, flames, mud, quadrants, notes.

This is the baby boy who was sliding down the stairs on his stomach just a few weeks ago. Or so it seems. Now there he is climbing through plane wreckages, with real police and firemen watching. His feet are so enormous that they didn't have any blue booties to cover his shoes. Well, they will have to order some for next time. How did time fly past so fast?

Joy is watching your son following his dreams.......


Sandra said...

Ugh I hope your week gets better after today. When it rains it pours right?

That little nugget of info is like ours here....no money for anyone, they want to withhold pay from us (military) but the congress people are getting raises...isn't that grand?

Sick of this whole thing. I have to concentrate on MY word for the year, which is "believe" and just believe that everything will be ok and work out for us here and for you guys there.

Needled Mom said...

All that and it is only Tuesday??? Oh dear. I do hope the rest of the week is smoothe sailing.

Ah yes, those years have really flown by for us, haven't they? Does that mean we are older too???

Kelli said...

Tell David that he can call and talk to me anytime about his CSI adventures. I am such a fan!

I think cheese on toast sounds like a perfect birthday lunch. Off to the kitchen!

Thank you for being the very. first. one. to wish me a Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

Crystal said...

The gap between the haves and the rest of us just continues to widen. But my word of the year is 'Hopeful' so I'll not complain :) So cool to hear that David is loving his studies and getting to experience so much. It was -47 C with the windchill this morning so the buses didn't run but teachers still had to go to school :) Enjoy that crockpot meal - well, you probably have already! ((( HUGS )))

Edith said...

Enjoyed this post. Good for you for focusing on the joys. How fun for David to have his studies become real.