Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Off to London...(only this was supposed to post yesterday. Oh well.)

The nails are done. They don't look too bad. The papers and file are in a pile, and I have booked the train ticket. I could have gone to Switzerland and back for the price I had to pay, and even then, I will be the last to arrive, probably late. We move slowly and that will have to do. There had better be black coffee on tap. I will need it. 

The meeting at the barrister's chambers. The experts, barrister, lawyers and me. They all "work" for me. I must remember that. 

The snow is going and the sun is shining, and Jean and I have been to aquazumba today. And because the sun is shining, the dust is visible all over the house, and I had to get the duster out because it is dire. I tell you, there is more dust in the UK than in Africa. I know this because I have lived in both places. I could not believe the amount of dust here when we first arrived. You can dust, vacuum, polish and relax, and watch the dust covering everything in sight all over again. I could understand this if it just happened in Winter with the hot air heating  blowing things about, but in summer too? There is no dust bowl here? Someone said it was because over 61 million people live on this small island, but I prefer not to think of that thankyouverymuch. Dried skin of the multitudes. Shudder. 

Anyway. I am off to London. I like London. I REALLY like St Pancras station, which is now an entire shopping centre on its own. Some people actually go to London and simply stay in the station for the day. I can see the point, because it is hard to find your way about it at times, what with it also beign the Eurostar station. I mean really.....there are multiple tube lines at St Pancras. The question I wanted answered was "which end of the station is the quickest route to the Piccadilly Line?" Simple question. Hah. Google spewed out a great deal I waded through before giving up. I will be late. Tough. I know which line to catch and I know how to get from Holborn to the chambers. Yes, they are really called "Chambers". With a capital C. In the legal heartland. 

I even have a sandwich and bottle of water, just in case I wilt like a flower. 

Wish me luck, people, and if you are the praying kind, feel free to utter many many prayers too. I will be back. 


Susan said...

Hello Linds, I am sitting here when I should be doing some work in the kitchen, and saw this pop up in my Google Reader.

I am the praying kind and am praying for a good trip and good results. I join you in your hope for some coffee - good coffee, at that.

God bless ...

Linds said...

Now this is bizarre, Susan - I clicked on publish yesterday and it obviously did publish. But this evening, it was sitting in draft status. Weird. So I published it again.

Isabelle said...

I do hope it all went well.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday afternoon...Texas time...
I'm confused about where you are at the present time and if the meeting has already taken place. I'm sending up prayers,positive thoughts your way and crossing my fingers that everything goes/went well for you.
You deserve for this to be put behind you with positive results. so you can get on with it.

Mary Lou/Texas

Vee said...

Okay...this is strange as this did post yesterday and then went poof. I am here now in response to an "I'm Back" or something similar. Hope that all went well and I am eager to hear about it.