Saturday, April 21, 2007

Allotment dig.

I have just noticed that my last post (Spring) was my 300th. 300. Good grief. Who would have thought. All those words spouting forth in a random fashion. I have surprised myself!

Here are those photos of the allotment did in progress this morning. And yes, the babes worked too. We dug up great clods of earth and they smacked them apart with their little spades and forks. It worked really well.

The beginning. The brown earth parts are where the carpets were.

The middle..... more people and more digging!

The gang hard at work!

All those twigs and branches are from the left side of the first photos. There will be a bonfire one evening. Bill, an allotment veteran of 20 years, (I met him today) informed me that " You don't worry now, me duck, I will set the fire in the evening and get rid of it for you". How nice. "Me duck" is a local saying. Like "my dear", "love", "sweetie" etc. Me duck. Phonetically = mi dook. I am rambling again. It is the after-effect of hard labour in the sun.

Go to the next post down for the finished product!


Linda said...

The pictures remind me of the visit we made to Normandy with my parents for the D-Day anniversary. We stayed with a family who took us to see their allotment. I think it's a great idea.
"Me duck". Linds I just love those expressions. I really do think you use the English language so much better than we do. I think that's why -given the choice _ I will read an English author any day. I just get lost in the beautiful words.
Have a great weekend. I love all these beautiful pictures.

Morning Glory said...

What a great project. Does the allotment mean that you share the space with others and grow vegetables, etc?

I've been in the UK when the oilseed rape was in bloom and the miles and miles of yellow fields were just gorgeous! It looks so lovely there right now.

Susie said...

I'm thinking this is like a community garden?
You'll be enjoying the fruits of all your hard work in a couple months or so!

Anonymous said...

Lol my Dad says "Me Ducks". I say "chuck" - fully fledged Northern Lass that I am, I even say "By gum" and I don't even have my tongue in my cheek :)

Yey for your allotment!