Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My camera cannot cope with sunrises like this, but here you are anyway. It is a very old little camera. And it did try.

We have been down the mountain today to Luzern to do some shopping. And it is another beautiful day.

What I neglected to tell you is that I arrived here as sick as a parrot. I picked up a flu type virus that has been doing the rounds, and all I could do once we walked in the door, was collapse on the couch and sleep. We had to get up on Sunday at 3 to set off for the airport, park the car etc, and get the plane to Basel, then 2 trains here. I did tell my son he had to stay awake or we could make an unscheduled visit to Milan, which was where the train was heading. He stayed awake. We got here. And I refuse to waste any time being sick, so we are walking and getting out, but not as quickly or as frequently as I would normally be doing, I confess. I am shattered after a couple of hours. Sigh. Another by-product of age....taking longer to bounce back. I don't do "sick". And I refuse to miss a minute when I could be out on the mountains.

Ok then....little old camera and I will toddle off to see what else I can show you. Don't go far. I will be back.


Emporyum Global said...

I adore look those landscapes than it is to you put herein and also about to coach a little my English than it is to still is daydream. I am from the Brazil.

Penless Thoughts said...

So sorry to hear you started out sick. Love your attitude about just not accepting it. That is walking in faith, and not by sight. What we all should do. Love the pictures. Glad you pointed out the 3 gray heads on the bench. I would have missed that. I'll just pretend I'm one of them.....or better yet, make it 4 gray headed woman sitting on that bench :o) Love, love, love the pictures and your writing.

Morning Glory said...

Oh my, the sunrise photos are just beautiful. I'm so glad you got them to post.

Hope you're feeling better!