Saturday, April 07, 2007


We are having the most glorious weather here, and it has reached 20 degrees C in the past few days. If you walk into the garden, (the newly hacked back one), you will hear voices from all the surrounding gardens, and lawn mowers, and strimmers. There is the smell of newly mown grass, and of BBQs being hauled out and lit. Spring really starts now I think, and we come out to discover that our neighbours are a little older and greyer, but still there, after the long winter hibernation!

Soon it will be time to go and buy some bedding plants for all the pots, but traditionally, that happens at the end of May, once danger of frosts is gone. My lavender needs cutting back too. I forgot that yesterday. I love scented plants, and the lilac is indeed in bud.

I should be washing my car. It looks tired and grubby after the winter. This is not something I feel moved to do often. I am just enjoying the sun for a change!


Morning Glory said...

I just love the time of spring when the neighborhood begins to come to life and I see people outside doing things. It really does feel like coming out of hibernation. I'm anxious to continue getting our flower beds cleaned out and replanted.

momrn2 said...

I just spent 4 hours yesterday tilling my garden area. I also started my seedlings preparing for planting in a few weeks.

Spent 3 hours last Sunday pruning raspberry bushes.

What a joy it is just to be outside!

Linda said...

After a beautiful spring day yesterday, we awoke to rain, wind, cold and the heat going once again. Can you believe they are predicting possible sleet for us here in Texas? Very unusual for us.
I'm glad you're warming up. I just love the smell of freshly cut grass.
Enjoy the day and have a blessed Easter Linds.