Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back from a stroll around the village

Here is the Benedictine monastery, around which the village grew up. It has a school attached to it as well.
Looking back toward the village centre, and I just loved the 3 little white haired ladies sitting together on the bench. The village is nestled in an amphitheatre of mountain peaks. You can turn 360 degrees and see mountains in front of you all the time.
This mountain "bowl" is called the End of the World. Up there is the chapel where my son's wedding was blessed. In Switzerland, it is the civil marriage that is first then the blessing in a church comes afterwards. I will tell you all about that magical summer soon. I will. And up there is the forest I love to walk in. I will go tomorrow. There is a grotto up there too, where I always light a couple of candles, and sit.
This is the mountain I sit and look at while I am on the computer in my sister's study. I walked along the river to take this photo. Now I have a mega headache, so am going to flop on the couch and snooze. I surrender. Too much in one day. Groan.


Heidi said...

WOW, I just getting caught up on all of this. It looks and sounds like a wonderful time! My hubby said, "oh, where's that" I told him a bit and he said "yup, that's definitely on our list!"

Faerylandmom said...

Wow...talk about mountains.

Dawn said...

Wow, I can't believe I'm so far behind reading of your holiday. I have always wanted to go to Switzerland, since I was a young girl. I was privileged to move to Colorado and we have some similar views. But I still want to come over there and compare pictures!

Sounds like you're having a lovely time. I hope you feel better soon!

My son and I have written our Part 5(s)? Check us out, if you have time.

Linda said...

Breath-taking Linds!!! I just love these pictures. I'm sorry you aren't feeling your best. I'll send up a little prayer for you. The same thing happened to me the one and only time we visited Europe - I got the worst cold I have ever had in my entire life. But I did just what you're doing - I refused to be sick!!
Have lots of fun!!

Crystal said...

Oh, it's so beautiful!! I have always wanted to visit Switzerland and this just confirms it. I must start some serious planning!! Hope you are feeling 100% very soon - good for you for not giving in to being sick!