Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Forest walk

Today I went to the forest I love so much. Mum and Marge and I went to light some candles in the grotto, and then they came home, while I stayed on for a while. I walked back into the forest, and sat in my favourite spot, and did some thinking. No matter how long I come for, it is never long enough.

Today the trees are at the in-between stage. No leaves yet, and no snow either. Just tall stick like things with a stark beauty all of their own. No leaves to crunch under foot, and no slippery mush on the paths. They are getting ready to burst into colour again, and soon the mountain sides will be a host of different greens, but not just yet.

There is nothing I can add to the picture. It is just as it looks, only better in 3 dimensional real life. I never ever get tired of it. Never.
Here is where the forest ends, and the pathway widens. I sat on the far bench for a long while. You know, the only sound I could hear were the birds, and the water tumbling down the mountain side in a stream close by. Other than nature, it was so silent, and I was aware of just how noisy my life normally is. There is always a rumble of life in progress in the background, and I never notice it anymore, unless it is not there. Even through the nights in England, you can still hear that rumble. I am not sure I want to hear it any more. The quiet is so much more immense. I know what I mean. I hope you do too.
Coming over the hill back to the village, and the Kloster again. The monastery, but from the other side. That forest on the other side of the valley is where David and I walked down a few days ago.
This is so Swiss, isn't it?

Sitting in the forest, I let the peace seep into my soul slowly. I can't speed up that process. It takes time. And time is something I never have enough of. It is not like going to fill your car up with petrol. It doesn't click off when it is full, and I don't know if it ever can be really full. But sitting there, and letting nature work....using all my senses to absorb the beauty all around me and heal is something unbelievably precious.

I ask questions up there. I don't always get answers, but I know just why Jesus and many since him, have gone to the mountains in time of need. I just have such a strong conviction every time I am up there, that I am meant to take note of the pace of life, priorities, serenity and values I see so clearly while I am in the mountains. Which I lose sight of as soon as I get back to my normal life. I had a text message from a friend while I was standing looking down over the valley, saying that stillness was something they were appreciating on their holiday, and the slower pace of the community they were visiting. Sounds just like what I was experiencing myself. The need for silence and stillness and serenity.

Now, granted this is a village and not an urban sprawl. I am sure there are many stats and much data which would say differently, but here, I notice that everyone smiles. Everyone greets everyone else. They make eye contact. And let me tell you, it works. You cannot walk around here, and everyone walks all over the place, without smiling, and it changes everything about your day, and your attitude.

Tomorrow, we go home. I don't want to go.


someone else said...

You've touched my heart once again. I wish I could sit on the bench with you and absorb the stillness. Beautiful, beautiful thoughts.

meggie said...

What lovely posts. Beautiful photos for us all to enjoy.

Susie said...

I back to try to comment again. For some reason blogger was being beasty!
This was a beautiful post and so touching. I don't recall every being somewhere so serene and beautiful. It must be wonderful to listen to your thoughts...

Susan said...

Linds your pictures give us such a beautiful look but your words paint an exquisite picture. I could feel the calm, peace and beauty settling in on me just reading your words. I send my smiles to you.

Linda said...

Once again the pictures are just magnificent Linds. The mountains are just unbelievable. I can't imagine how breath-taking it must be to be able to sit there and just take it all in.
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful place.

Dawn said...

Beautiful, beautiful. I don't go up often enough, but my husband has to get away to the hills frequently to refuel. Beautiful.

Butterfly Mama said...

Beautiful writting, truly wonderful!!! You are amazing!