Saturday, April 14, 2007

This started out as trivia, but grew into something really important

  1. Deaf? WHAT WAS THAT??? Hmm. Oh yes. Still deaf. I have the tv on so loud you can hear the noise 2 roads away, and get this, I have a headache. From the noise. Which I can't hear.

  2. Chocolate? Nearly history. It is sitting ever so comfortably around my waistband. Which is garrotting my stomach.

  3. Friends? Met up with some for coffee, and they are fine, but have to shout as I have yet to acquire an ear horn. Which precludes female chatter. Conversation has to be fit for general consumption. Within a mile radius.

  4. Fun? I am the one providing the amusement for all and sundry in my afflicted state.

  5. Cleaning? I don't think so.

  6. Washing? Done. We did need something to wear after all.

  7. Ironing? You have to be joking. The sun is shining.

If you were hoping for pearls of wisdom, move swiftly on. None of those here today.

NOW for something really important.

Boomama has leapt into action once again, to organise help for Heather and her family, in her own inimitable fashion. If you do not know Boomama, you have no idea of what an amazing young woman she is, and how she is swiftly becoming a catalyst for so much GOOD in our blogging community. She is the one who makes things happen in a way I can only applaud. Go now and visit both those links.

Links. Here comes that pearl of wisdom after all. We link to each other, and form a web. Forget the internet-speak and see it more as spider-speak. We are all individual people linking together to cocoon a friend in our own small way. Individually, we are insignificant. Scattered around the world. Together? There is no limit to the difference we can make. Cocooning one of our own in prayers too, is unbelevably powerful. I am honoured to be able to link up with so many amazing women and to share the laughter and tears, to be a part of that invisible web.

I have just been reading Heather's latest update. Go now and read. I nearly deleted the first half of this post. How trivial and unimportant somethings are. This is who we are, isn't it? Woman who deal with the trivial and banal, and the overwhelming and life-threatening. The sorrow and fear , anguish, love, joy, and happiness. I am thankful for so much in this moment.


Linda said...

Beautifully said Linds. I like the picture of a beautiful web. It really is an amazing thing we have going on here. I think it is much the way the Lord intended - a group with so much diversity - yet one. A wonderful post!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Linds we can be funny and serious at the same time. Glad you didn't delete the first portion. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

Thanks for the info and the links on the other. I'm heading to check them out.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I also love your statement about how we link to each other and form a web.
It's very true and also comforting how we rally round one of our own when there's a need..
I know exactly what you mean about being thankful for so much in the moment.
I felt the same way as I posted about Heather..

Dawn said...

Your thought about linking is similar to my "concentric circles" that connect in various places around the world. It is a wonderful and powerful thing - something really good that the Internet has provided for us.

I'm glad you're back safely, but hope your hearing returns soon! I really dislike that feeling. It is so hard to re-enter life after such a lovely time away, even without the re-entry problems from the plane!

Blessings as you go back to school.

PEA said...

Turn down the volume on your tv...I can hear it from here...and I'm in Canada! lol I've been reading about Heather on many blogs and I will certainly help all I can on April prayers are with her and her family!! xox