Monday, April 09, 2007


Well, here we are in Switzerland. This is where my sister lives, and this is what I see in the morning when I open my eyes. Mountains all around. Stunning, stunning scenery, and a quiet like you cannot believe.
David and I went on one of our "walks" this morning. Well, we always set out to do the simple thing, and then get sidetracked by wondering what is "up there", or "on the other side", or "what the view is like from up at the top" etc etc etc. This usually involves precarious descents sliding leaves, or ankles deep in snow. Today was no different. But we made it down intact and it was breathtakingly beautiful. This is my favourite place on earth, I have to say. Repeatedly, for those who know me. I fell in love with Switzerland when I was 12 and nothing has changed about that. (I am using a European keyboard, and all the letters are in the wrong place).

This is the view of the village from the side of the mountain.

I took 48 photos this morning. This is normal for me. I must have more photos of Switzerland than anyone on earth. But just LOOK at the beauty!

The sun shining through the trees in the forest on the side of the mountain. Sigh. Now I have shown you a little bit, I will be back later with more walks and more photos.

David and snow= snowballs and wet hair, and lots of laughter. I asked him to make footprints in the snow and he sank down a foot. Oops. He was wearing trainers, not snowboots. Oh well, he is tough! And he dried out quickly enough.


Donnetta said...

Beautiful... Absolutely Stunning!!

It sounds like you are having a fabulous time there! I hope that continues!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing these photos Linds. How absolutely beautiful. I would love to go to Switzerland but don't think I'll get to so I really enjoy your sharing with me.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh thank you for sharing these photos--the beauty is stunning! I once spent about three days in Interlaken, with a group from college, which included my then-betrothed...these pictures sure bring back the memories.

So glad you can celebrate Easter in such glory!