Sunday, April 15, 2007

End of the holidays

Tomorrow we go back to school. I could do with another few weeks holiday, but I am sure mothers out there are very happy their little cherubs will be back to school. I remember those days well. I have no idea how this term will pan out, as we have a new department head starting tomorrow and I will have to wait and see what is planned. I do know that we have exams and work experience and all the associated upheavals to look forward to, and course-work to start as well.

Last half-term holiday, I worked straight through, but this time, I have listened to advice, and to myself too, in the end, and have done no work. I needed the break, and it was good. I could have done without the virus or the (continuing) deafness. Tomorrow will tell if this was wise or not!

Today has been the most beautiful of days, and we went to church and then to the babes for lunch. It was wonderful to sit out in the garden, in the sun, and watch them play. A lovely way to end the holidays. They are growing up so quickly. I cannot believe the twins will be starting "proper" school in September. It seems just yesterday that they were born.

So here we go back into the fray. I am reminding myself every day of the thoughts I have every time I go and walk in my mountains. I need to remember balance, and to aim for that. So why do I already have a headache?


Isabelle said...

Ah, the end of the holidays. Sigh. Luckily for me, it's an Edinburgh holiday tomorrow, but after that, back we go. All good wishes for the summer term.

Susie said...

Our grandsons go back tomorrow also. This last few weeks will fly by and then it will be graduation day for our 8th grader grandson. How is that possible?
Think peaceful "balancing" thoughts!!

Morning Glory said...

I'm so glad you took some real time off to relax, leaving work behind. It's so hard to go back to work after a nice break like that. I hope your day back is a good one.

I also hope that ear clears out soon!!

Linda said...

Oh Linds, I wish I could somehow give you a few more weeks of holiday. I hope you hearing has returned. I pray for you peace and grace and strength for the days ahead. God bless you as you return to work.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'll say a special little prayer for you in the morning to have a great first day back.

Crystal said...

I'll be thinking of you in the morning! We've been back for a week already and it's going okay. My grade has provincial achievement tests in 1 month so the final push to become excellent storywriters is on. Too bad that on test day they only get 1 hour to write the story! But such is life as decreed by the learning authorities. I hope you don't feel too swamped and are able to have a peaceful day enjoying the children. I'm sure they'll have lots to talk about!

Diane said...

The end of spring break always challenges my quest for balance. It seems the only way I have been able to attain frequent get-a-ways! It's elusive my friend....let me know if it works at home! I need to know!


Heidi said...

So I tried to comment last night and wasn't able too. Thanks for your comments over at my place!

I hope your ears feel better and I too am glad that you just rested on your holiday!

PEA said...

Having to go back to work after being on holidays has got to be the hardest thing. I hope all went well on your first day back at school!! Students here had their Spring Break in March and only had 4 days off over Easter. xox