Sunday, April 29, 2007

For Barb

THESE are Tumbelina petunias, Barb. Ignore the scaffolding pole. The fascia boards were being replaced. This photo is from 2 years ago. Last year I was somewhat distracted, and the garden was mainly roses, and shrubs.


Barb said...

Oh, they're lovely, Linds. From what I can see, it would appear they're maybe "miniature" petunias. I swear, these are so sweet, I'm going to call around to some reputable nurseries here and see if they have them or can get them for me.

You're a sweetie to do this for me.


Morning Glory said...

Oooooh, so pretty and thick!!

Jungle Mom said...

Beautiful flowers.Thanks for posting the pics.

meggie said...

I love the simple generosity Petunias afford, & also, the rich array of colours.

Mrs. U said...

These petunias are simply lovely!! They are so wonderful to plant because they grow so easily and profusely!!

Mrs. U

Dawn said...

I love petunias, but we have created so much shade in our yard that they don't do too well any more. Such lovely profusion in your yard.

I know what you mean about being able to read a book a day, but not any more. I used to read on the way to the student center for lunch, my whole lunch hour, and on the way back (yes, I read and walk at the same time). Since my schedule change, I now read at stop signs! And while I exercise at the gym. I did manage to read most of the trilogy by Eugenia Price before we went to St. Simons Island. I had to finish up the third one while we were driving there and back. Such a lovely vacation we had.

My SIL is here from Manchester for a couple of weeks. That'll be nice! It's my mom's birthday today, so she's with her today.

Heidi said...